I know in July 2024 it's a little lame to claim a website is under construction but I am rapidly expanding this autobiographical page with memories of my past and it's currently more a stream of consciousness than something entirely readable. Even when I am done with my first pass, I plan to continually be adding more memories as they occur to me.

Preface Why I'm Writing This

How someone who hates to write came to write of his own free will

Chapter 1 The Early Years

Nebraska, Virginia, and more Virginia

Chapter 2 Elementary

Arkansas, Maryland, Korea (for a summer), and Rome (New York)

Chapter 3 Jamesville-Dewitt

Middle school and high school in Dewitt, New York

Chapter 4 Undergrad at MIT

Life along the Charles River in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Chapter 5 GMGC, OMKT, ARBA

Silicon Valley startup life at General Magic, Open Market, Ariba.
Jennifer and my wedding in Ohio.

Chapter 6 Stanford PhD

Research at the Farm

Chapter 7 Google


Appendix A Before my time

Stories about my parents, grandparents, ...

Brian D. Carlstrom [email protected]