Brian D. Carlstrom, Ph.D.

Hi. I'm Brian Carlstrom.

I recently completed my PhD in Computer Science at Stanford University. While there, I explored how transactional memory could make it easier to write parallel programs for multi-core processors as part of the TCC group. I'm generally interested in ways of making it easier for programmers to create applications. For example, before Stanford I was a technical architect at Ariba where I drove the creation of an application platform in order to make it faster and easier to build new products. Another example comes from my undergraduate research at MIT, where I worked on first releases of Scsh, the Scheme shell, which adds support for system programming to a Scheme programming language implementation.

When away from work, I'm generally found in the company of my wife Jennifer and my three kids, Michael, Daniel, and Aster. I helped launch the Los Altos Hills Family community group where I'm an active volunteer. Even when not "working", I like to play with computers and other electronics. One home project was replacing my old 2.4 GHz phones with an Asterisk PBX setup. I recently learned how to use LDraw to create digital version of some LEGO MOCs from my childhood. I'm currently looking into putting my swimming pool monitoring and controls online.

Brian D. Carlstrom [email protected]