Chapter 2

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Kindergarten-2nd grade: Sherwood, Arkansas

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27 Narragansett Place Little Rock AFB Rusty#1, son of a real Colonel Sanders! met while living in sherwood appartments "green house on the lake" including kids artist impression cotton fields ... and rice paddies accident, mom rear ended (driving in the rain) I had been playing in the back with my huge millenium falcon in the back of the wagon remember being worried about the poor falcon, but the only thing that happened was a retracted leg house on west end of Narragansett Pl burned down, dad salvaged wood to enclose our carport into a garage


Harris Elementary School
Pulaski County Special School District

kindergarten (1978-1979)
Miss Nancy Ferranti
long bus ride starting with YMCA many mornings
pulaski county special school district

bus #39, my dad's age

rusty#2, 1st grader down the street, later moved, remember getting
switch-blade comb at birthday just after their move, think his father
was a barber.

December 1978
Lily Carlstrom passes away
(born 16 May 1907)

christmas 1978
Flying Finnegan
flying trapeze rube-goldberg device for older kids

first grade (1979-1980) ms johnson got an organ as a christmas present but when grandma C died soon after, we took home her organ and returned the new one to the store. - visit by Sister Roberta to Little Rock 1st grade? teaching me to spell Mississippi, coloring - later visit to Sister Roberta at Holy Spirit Convent in San Antonio, Texas. remember swimming in the pool with the sisters. - later visit to Sister Robert in Pascagoula, Mississippi small house with carport - later in catskills 6th grade? see picture,%20New%20York/tn/scan0198.jpg.html - earlier when I was two,%20White%20House%20Easter%20Egg%20Roll,%20trip%20to%20Ireland/tn/scan0058.jpg.html second grade (1980) mrs c horton 5 march 1980 puss in boots field trip October 1980 Lydia Carlstrom passes away (born 31 July 1900) christmas dual remote control cars orange Mazda RX7 white Porsche 935 experiment with rechargable batteries I Love a Rainy Night songs from school: - - after pledge of allegiance would sing other songs such as a little disturbing in retrospect dukes of hazard poster from scholastic 1978 VertiBird S.W.A.T. Patrol

Star Wars

second movie
drive in theater
remember opening scene, kind of confused about later details

ocassionaly played with orange pilot suit luke and yoda in played with
action figures in then vacant lot across the street


rustyx1, son of Col. Saunders

boys down the street visiting their grandmother with darda cars

jill from school and the neighbor hood. played with her and her
brothers, remember lots of cowboy and indians toys. received letter
after we moved, but

Shawn Star

kids across the street

Red, white, and blue Hedstrom bike with training wheels stolen
superman "big wheel" clone
used big kids bike learned to ride
knocked out around corner, returned by neighbor/real estate agent

visit to grandma's to paint house exterior

around age six visit to grandma's in buffalo (snow...)

later visit to springville after grandma died

visit to Nebraska house

moving back, driving the long lenth of tennesee

dad goes to korea (August? 1980)
sherwood apartments
christmas at sherwood

dad sent me Snoopy Grand Prix puzzle a few pieces of the time in letters from Korea

dentist, two cavities, around age seven
(dentist by sherwood appartments!)


orioles coach pitch baseball at air force base


community pool, swimming, ear aches, but in the end no tubes, just
removed construction paper.

roller skating rink
YMCA, Another One Bites the Dust, Funky Town, ...

custom made red car trailer to move the opel etc

trip to Kings Island (1979) on way to or from Springville

last day of school in arkansas 7 jan 1981

2nd grade-5th grade: Owings, Maryland

9210 Owings Manor Court shrimp, shrimp, and more shrimp. wood stove basketball pole later fun dealing with evicting tenants now the neighboring fields are full of houses Dodge Omni (with Volksvagen Golf powertrain) 3+ acres Massey-Ferguson Tractor (Ferguson FE-35?) hammer knife mower Saint Anthony's Catholic Church first confession and first communion quickly in sucession after moving to MD, rushed first confession to keep up with communion class, they had done confession in 1st grade. first confession 21 February 1981 to Robert S. Grace? first communion 16 May 1981 Charlie the Fish - Jason H took care of my fish one trip - only to have it die on me soon after I got home - first traumatic lose of pet Hamsters - "squeaky" learng to climb up on top of wheel and balance, pushed up lid with nose to escape - "cone nose" broke his leg when I accidentally closed the lid on it took to vet, said to let it be didn't really slow him down to have club foot, but it made him much louder roller skating a few times, never as popular as in Arkansas


Mount Harmony Elementary School

planetarium, more greek mythology than astronomy

nuclear plant

Second grade (1981)

mrs stephens southern accent from Arkansas out of place... 12 April 1981 - watched first launch of Space Shuttle Columbia at home. Watched many other launches later at Mount Harmony Elementary School. April 1981 Uncle Fred took me to the train museum in Baltimore 19 April 1981 Easter Egg Roll at White House 27 Jan 1981 Iranian hostage arrival at Andrews AFB Pac Man Fever organ lessons Nothing can stop the U.S. Air Force!

Summer of 1981: Osan AFB, Korea

8 June 1981 Kimpo Airport, Korea

Owings through Seoul customs 24 hours total from end-to-end, just me and mom
14 hour Northwest airlines flight from Washington/Dulles to Seattle to Tokyo to Seoul
on Seattle -> Tokyo leg played with two kids that had red lego case
when we arrived in Tokyo, my mom had to drag me between terminals as I could not stay awake

arrival in Seoul 
accident with cab on way to US facility in Seoul area

hugh traffic circles with 5 lanes marked but 7 lanes of traffic

Osan AFB

many consumer sales restricted on base, we were not official there so
my mom could not purchase things at commisary or base exchange.
(got a 30 day ratio card on 17 June 1981)

went to Osan town market, bought futons. I slept in living room on
blue futon on couch/coffee table, parents slept in my dads bedroom.

small shower, no bathtub. small kitchenette for cookie.

birthday, really wanted Hot Wheels Bronco II from BX.

command post (See machines pages)

youth center, pool(billiards)


friends in family residence
x-wing and tie fighter
star wars and muppet movie video
exploring hills

numbered hills

not much on AFN (armed force network) TV

I remember Betty Davis Eyes being popular, indeed, it went on to win song of the year in 1981.

81 in cement near base gate

weekend trips

weekend of 27-28 June 1981 seoul 
tall tower in Seoul, pidgeon got my father
(later near St Peters in Rome)

july 4th weekend
Father Kelley my mom knew from childhood in Ireland.
nice to have someone to talk to in English.
saw a couple times, second time I think he drove to pick up mom and I at Osan
gave me book about Korea when we were leaving.

temples, everyone liked my tall mom with blue eyes, especially small children

garden temples

one perhaps with kids area for exploring

temple in fog on mountain side

super windy road along the coast on bus trip

weekend of July 18-19th 1981
5 hour train ride to Pusan
kite flying on the beach
1st water slide according to mom

dad found out he made colonel 21 July 1981

mom not happy that I wanted to take a stone buddha home as souvenir

mom and I returned 8 August 1981 (SEA-TAC)
this time mom made me sleep on the plane

Summer of 1981

after Korea 27 aug 1981 mildenhall ireland 16 sep 1981 mildenhall 16 sep 1981 US

Third Grade (1981-1982)

mrs terry lindung I grades for behavior because I needed Improvement Mrs Rowsey for Music, receieved certificate of achivement for flutophone!

Summer 1982

2 August 1982 - 13 August 1982 swim lessons at Breezy Point Beach (then part of the Breezy Point Marina) 11 June 1982 attended speech by Pres. Reagan at Andrews AFB upon his return from trip to France, The Vatican, Italy, The United Kingdon, and the Federal Republic of Germany

Fourth Grade (1982-1983)

Reading Mrs K. Kahler Math Mrs B Lee AIA (Academically and Intellectually Able) Miss C Korzeniewski trombone with Sandra Rowsey performed in Elementary Music Festival in Prince Fredrick on 5 April 1983 (also showed work at the Elementary Art Festival in Prince Fredrick on 5 April 1983) "club" activities - chorus - half year? - library volunteer - shelving books - model rockets (fifth grade) never launched until middle school

Summer 1983

26 June 1983 "5-6-7-8... DANCE" at Radio City Music Hall with Sandy Duncan 13 June 1983? 16 November 1985? Space Shuttle Enterprise arrival at Dulles'Boeing_747-100')_&sort=_order_by_photo_id_DESC_&prev_id=1214234&next_id=1148882 22 July 1983 complete Computer Lab Program in Prince Fredrick BASIC Programming on TRS-80 (+ flow charting) See Machines page August 1983 Ireland (vist to Aillwee Cafe IJCAI-83 in Karlsruhe, Germany met Arthur Samuels, famous for his checkers playing program big outdoor chess set in park next to conference center played minature golf in the city AAAI-83 in Washington, DC

Fifth Grade (1983-1984)

Miss Brooks (just like the tv show) 5th grade Teachers Math B Randall Reading S Brooks Language AIA C Korzeniewski (aka Miss K) Spelling AIA C Korzeniewski (aka Miss K) Handwriting AIA C Korzeniewski (aka Miss K) Social Studies AIA C Korzeniewski (aka Miss K) Science AIA C Korzeniewski (aka Miss K) Music S Rowsey Art P Walls Physical Education G Miller sex ed mini-computer with terminals for computer education (5th grade yearbook cover) learning negative numbers when I got so far past my skill leevel selling 5 cent candy for 10 cents field trips to Battle Creek Cypres Swamp removing ticks (even before lyme disease scare of 19??)


CCPR = Calvert County Parks and Recreation
Jason H
- building dams in his backyard stream
- soccer
- lego
- computers (he had Sinclair ZX-81 and Atari 400/800)
- post move visits
- CalTech prefrosh, he recognized my dad
  MIT's pretenious ready to be framed acceptance letter
Chris G
Ivy B
- soccer, AIA, great party at her house (5th grade graduation?)
Laura L
- tall girl, next to in back row of class photos, AIA
  "little women "
Ronald R
- AIA grading buddy
- both of us had atrocious handwriting so we graded each others spelling tests
Travis M
- soccer and pool parties
Michael C
- soccer and ? and AIA
- church (and CCD?)
Terrence D
- soccer and AIA
Shawn R
- playdates
Chris R
Douglas S
- class clown
April S
- soccer
Jennifer G
- "lets get physical" number at the talent show with the leg warmers
Cherie W
- quiet but nice girl
Jennifer C (on
- from soccer
- shared bus stop at Marine Ct, when we were living in rented rooms before moving up to Rome, NY
  Jennifer was in last house on left of Aqua Ct, Dunkirk, MD
  rented room with Ms Evans, Rivershore Dr, opposite end of Aqua Ct
  hung out with her and younger neighbor Johnny 
  wanted to know why I was suddenly friends with her after not being so nice before
  I said mostly because she was a girl...

Jan H and older sister Jill, + Megan/Kristin?
younger boy behind their house
Stevie J and older brother

lady with pool across street


fall soccer
winter basketball
spring Calvert Babe Ruth T-ball, later baseball

Toys and other

Smurfs everwhere, Jason H drawing, folders

Chuck E Cheese

ET movie

empire strikes back x2
  first movie I saw twice in the theater
  think mom felt guilty that dad had left
  (she also got me a Mickey Mouse Disco record)
burger king cloud city glass
collector cards

Chrismas 1982
< ahref="">ColecoVision
Donkey Kong, Zaxxon, Mousetrap, Donkey Kong Jr, 
saved up a lot of quarters to by Turbo with Expansion Module #2, aka a
steering wheel and gaspedal.

Gayla Space Shuttle Kite
traditional triangular red white and blue kite
plastic launcher resembling SRB's and tank spun up string pushed by wind
when it launcher got to top, released paper airplane space shuttle that would glide down
launching caused "propeller" stopped to fold and stop working, allowing launcher to slide down string

GI Joe F-14

cub scouts
National Capital Area Council Cub Scout Pack 89
Webelo and Arrow of Light (as well as gold and silver Wolf Arrow Points) 

altar boy at Saint Anthony's Catholic Church.
CCD and dontus after Mass but they withheld donuts from kids until after CCD.
because I was an altar boy and got out of mass late, my mom would sneak me a donut.

christmas 1983
shepherd st anthony's christmas pagent

Shuttle Enterprise arrival at Dulles International Airport

Science Fair Digital Computer Kit
Radio Shack Catalog No. 28-218 (1977)

Science Fair 50 in One Electronic & Magnetic Project Kit
Radio Shack Catalog No. 28-227 (1980)

Meccano 2 set from england

6th grade: Rome, New York (1984-1985)

skiing trip while still in 5th grade

Erie Canal Village

Fort Stanwix visit on previous trip

"fancy" italian restaurant: The Savoy

"fancy" restuarant with statue of romulus and remus suckling off the wolf: The Beeches ?

Turkey Joints candy

half-moon cookies

still home of Revere the time

temporary base family housing near pool

Summer 1984: Advanced Beginner swim lessons at Griffiss (9-20 July)

Moved in to house on my birthday: 20 July 1984

103 West Cedar Street

Fort Stanwix Elementary School
(thought name was cool)

sixth grade. teacher Mr Troutman. met someone in Dover AFB terminal
once that had him back when he was a little tougher academicly.

attempt at sixth grade chorus

Jaunary 1985: Troopy 
name short for "Super Duper Snooper Trooper"
name from Snooper Troops game I played on Tuthills's daughter's Apple II

wood stove integrated with hot water heating system

graduation party at Delta Lake

dad retires from Air Force around his birthday - July 1985

St. Paul's Catholic Church


Brian David G
- same first name, same middle name (both after our David fathers)
- a grade behind me in school
- lived on N George St, Corner of W Oak St
- ice for hockey in backyard for winter
- rhubarb growing beside detached garage
- father was a lawyer at McMahon & Grow
  I remember using the PC's there on at least one occasion

James F
- found a bb gun under chestnut street bridge to base
- he had an air pistol
- model kits
  two old B-17 Flying Fortress kit, 1956 Aurora Kit No 491-49
  P-38J Lightning (Revell 1:144)
  P-51D Mustang (Revell 1:144)
  Harrier (Revell 1:144)
  B-29 Superfortress, monster sized, never finished
  F-104G Starfighter (never started)
  BAC Lightning (Matchbox 1:72)
  F-106 Delta Dart, in reserve at Griffis AFB when we lived there (Minicraft Hasegawa 1:72)
  F-4 Phantom II (Snap Tite 1:72)
  F-5A Freedom Fighter with display stand (Lindberg 1:80)
  EF-111 Raven with working swing wings (Monogram 1:72)
  Huey Cobra AH-1G (Monogram 1:72)
  F-14 Tomcat (never started)
  F-15 Eagle painted with striped camoflauge (Monogram 1:72)
  another F-15 Eagle (never started)
  F-16 Thunderbirds (4 planes with formation display stand) (Monogram 1:72)
  Enterprise Space Shuttle, from elementary school NASM field trip (Monogram Snap Tite) 
testors modeling cement

  dukes of hazard tow truck
  snap kit space shuttle
  t-top corvette

James R
- took the bb gun when I left

Chris ?
- broke the shower door after he tried to destory a LEGO model I had
  saved from a trip to the Blue Lake cabin in the Adirondacks

Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress
Aurora Model Kit No 491-49
From Old Model Kits.
See also Modeling Madness


paper boy for the Rome Daily Sentinel
- working underage in place of neighbor behind Brian G
- split with James Franze

I bought:
- too much candy (especially M&M's, Spree, ...)
- GI Joe stuff for pool submarine, hovercraft, a-10
- old Atari cartridges

Atari adapter for ColecoVision from montgomery ward in Riverside Mall
in Utica, NY. riding bike to the Freedom Mall on Erie Boulvard
to get old Atari games for $2 each (at some place like Ames or Zayres)


skiing at Woods
Valley once in 5th grade, again a few times in 6th.

YMCA soccer

basketball (practicing free throws at the Rome Family YMCA with my dad)


guiness book of world records swim relay record at the YMCA pool


"christmas story" movie

boy scouts
Land of the Oneidas Council Troop 7
two winter cabin camping trips
too much garlic...

finally using my dad's telescope
looking at the moon and some planets and stars from the driveway

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