Chapter 4
Undergrad at MIT

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MIT: Cambridge, MA

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology

sold nebraska house

362 Memorial Drive

Freshmen year (1991-1992)

Thursday August 29
MIT R/O starts
checkin in Sala de Puero Rico in Student Center
Hitchhiker's Guide to R/O

moved stuff into East Campus, east wing, perhaps 4E or 5E

President's Welcome Convocation 
Kresge Auditorium

Project MOYA (Move Off Your Assumptions)
trained to ask
1.) whats your name
2.) where are you frome
3.) whats is your prospective major
trust falls

Thursday Night Dinners (Ted B)
(tried to go to Mary Chung's but failed,
 went elsewhere for Chinese, perhaps Crystal)

orange tours

Friday August 30th
math diagnostic test

meet with R/O counselors
I don't remember this mandatory event

Freshmen Picnic
1pm project MOYA Finale: guiness book of world record "lap sit" attempt before class picture in killian court
2pm freshmen picture
2:30 mexican fiesta lunch
4pm living group rush begins

afternoon visited TDC, PBE, DKE
dinner at PBE
evening at Kappa Sigma (interested in my ultimate skills)

Saturday August 31st
Kappa Sig flushed me because they were worried I didn't drink enough. seriously. ouch.
Sent me to Brian S at ADP

orange tours at midnight were fun at least

Sunday September 1st
ILG bids could go out that morning, explains why KS cut me the night before

visited Zeta Psi (Ken V from ES-M)
in the morning hung out with Ken and two girls from Arlington VA that thought my preschool friend Andy W wasn't so great.
spent most of day at ADP

Monday September 2nd
more ADP but no bid, oh well.
too many bids had already been given and accepted.
if only I had been there earlier in the weekend

filled out residence card (due by 5pm)
Baker as #1 choice 
  close to student center, good male-to-female ratio, "party dorm"
mostly prioritized west campus places roomates
  Burton-Conner, New House, and Next House
not McGregor with singles
low on the list
  East Campus, Senior House, Random, Bexeley

freshmen essay evaluation
failed! just conspiracy to get students enrolled in their classes

ISP Integrated Studies Program
ESG Experiment Study Group
(Benjy at one of these)

dormitory assignments

moving from East Campus to Baker 311

Baker 311
Simanta C
James B (FREP=Freshmen Representative?)
Shinya F

Simanta's plan to help the girls with their boxes (met Elaine H)

first night together simanta wanted to do something memorable as
roommates so he dragged us across the harvard bridge to boston and
went went to a bar for some drinks and some food at the CrossRoads
Pub. not sure we ever did something as a room ever again.

Wednesday Sept 4th
"What is a provost, anyway?" presentation in Kresge
mandatory but mostly forgettable

advisor/advisee picnic

Thursday September 5th
9am-10am ID picture taking for last names Boardman-Choi
Lobby 13 with Simanta

athena course with Simanta, Heather C

registration materials due
placed out of 18.01 and 8.01 due to AP tests
6 units of 10.001 credit for AP Computer Science
never manged to get credit transfered for SUPA English
AP English Literature wouldn't have counted anyway, only AP English Language

Book Night Keynote Convocation
Professor Lester Thurow

Book Night dinner at Baker Dining

disussing our freshmen assigned reading "The Next Century"
by David

Friday Sept 6th
swim test students with last initials A-L
I passed swim test and boating test, Simanta failed after cramping up.

parents weekend starts

parents weekend
buying toolbox 

Monday Sept 9th
Reg Day
pick up schedules

Tuesday Sept 10th
first day of classes
I thought was Monday schedule
showed up at end of 6.001 lecture
got tough love from Head TA, Michael "Ziggy" B 

Baker 411
Benjy T
Donny W
Jeff T

Baker 418
Fred Q

Baker 246
Adam L
Odysseus K
Prashant S
Ashwin B

Elaine H
Shilpa H
Mindy M

Baker 312
Rene D

Baker 313
Dianna G (from New Hartford)

Baker 301
Alisa B
Sabrina K (also New Hartford)
Jodi F

Baker 302
Guillermo P
Lorin T

Baker 315
Brian L
Scott M

Baker 317
Mary M

Baker 318
Kenway L (Otway L in 420)

Baker 320
Pablo H
Kevin L

Baker 306
Stephanie S
Emanuella B
Melissa R
Janice V

Baker 346
Beth S
Anne S
Jessie B

Baker 347
Chi W

Baker 206
Jennifer T
Marisa C
Gail D
Wendy Y

Baker 104
Nicole F
Nancy H

Baker 106
James P
Mark S
Tom M

Baker 406
Stephanie D

Baker 446
Sarah V
Amy M
Bridget B
Gina K

Baker 501
Gilbert L (course 6-3)

Baker 502
Adam L (J-D)
Hiroshi K

Baker 506
Andrew K
Walter L
Matthew G
Julio O

Baker 511
Marjie D

Baker 519
Chris P
Kevin B

Baker 546
Anne D
Pansy L
Sherry H
Alice C

Baker 608
Robert B

Baker 646
Jimmy E

Baker 138
Suzanne G

Baker 115
Scott C
James K

Baker 205
Per Juvkam-Wold
Chris S

Baker 101
Stella L

Baker 213
DJ Ezra (also of CTY infamy?)

Baker 303
Mark Wang RA 
Wonder Year study breaks

Baker 402
Doug M (Adam L fractint)
Giang L

Baker 407
Lisa C
Mariquita G
Jill W

Baker "Hello. My name is Alan." party

Ellen B (MTG Sweeny Todd?)

Jason W

Baker apple picking tour

Physical Education
freshmen year
Sailing  - Heather C
Skating  - Stephanie S
Pistol   - Elaine H
Ballroom - Jennifer T

Striking a Balance: RLE Fiscal Officer Donald F. Duffy

baker dining
Tina the cashier
Simanta throwing salt and paper shake at Jen: "Think fast!"

freshmen shower night (evening before first 8.01 exam)

22 November 1991
WBCN "Rock of Boston" concert fall of freshmen year with Simanta, Jimmy, (Benjy?)... 
Foreigner, the Kinks, Smithereens, RTZ and the Raindogs
(RTZ was started by two Boston members, they played some Boston songs that night)

on 1 December 1991, over thanksgiving break, took mom on 1.2 hour flight from syracuse to oswego and back

ran into Rebecca D on the flight back to Boston from
thanksgiving. took the T back together. hung out together during IAP
both with her friends at Harvard and my friends at Baker. She tried to
set me up with one of her roommates, an art history major, and I ended
up going to see Les Miserable (February 1992) at the Wang Center with
them. Didn't work out with the roommate, but Les Miserable has become
my favorite musical of all time.

on 28 December 1991, over christmas break, took my last flight as pilot
one hour with my dad over Syracuse

some winter break in college
all night Godfather movie marathon with Stephen S + David G (new years?) (college)

8 January 1992
Alma E Carlstrom died (born 08 Sep 1904)

hacking parties, saturday at midnight at the coffehouse
went once with benjy
bricked in showers at the library, roofs around killian court

valentines day dance upstairs at fanneiul hall
dinner at European Restaurant (and Pizzeria)
(picture outside restauarant of me, simanta, Derrick H, Adam L)
Steph and Chris C
Jennifer and me ... and Adam
(Elaine and Adam just broke up?)
dancing with Melissa

spring break (21-29 March 1992)
Kevin L, Benjy B, Simanta C, Stephanie S, Jennifer T, Brian C, #7?

Simanta got in an accident turning left with me in shotgun seat
$700 to pay for taurus bumper (Fortunately no damage to our rental...)
(on way to see Next House Mayvn ?)
went bowling in DC

in Ft Myers, stayed at Steph's house, frozen waffles, Van Halen on MTV
couple days at beach, building sand castles. went to play putt-putt,
steph demonstrated the use of putter as pool cue.

two tickets in 24 hours on way back, one in south (georgia) one in Connecticut
Marisa C pulled over too but used her tank top "assetts" to get a warning.

calling to get U2 tickets with Simanta and Shinya using our dorm phone
and Baker lobby payphone. finally got through and Simanta had us
jumping for joy in a big bear hug.

MIT Spring Concer 1992
Violent Femmes

Summer 1992

Simanta worked at Robotics Lab

U2 ZOO TV Tour concert with Simanta, Shinya, myself, Rebecca D, ...
August 1992 at Foxboro Stadium
although we were pretty far back on the left away from the stage, it was still pretty great.
the low point was when a drunk guy behind us urinated on poor Rebecca.


bought a boom box CD player at Lechmere. still working in my office at

my first CD was The Black Crowes's "Shake Your Money
Maker". I think I bought the CD with Barabara K at Newbury
Comics, which used to have a location in W20, the Stratton Student

Barbara K

hydrochloric acid

later in summer bought a microwave, lugged by from Sears at
Lechmere. still using it in my kitchen today.

Dave Y, Stephen S, and Scott S visited me in Boston

trip to LA, went to Magic Mountain to Marisa C, Jennifer
T, and Elaine H. continued on
to AAAI-92
in San Jose. picked up at airport by Andrew K, went to Chinatown in SF
with him, then over to Santa Cruz, before dropping me off at motel in
San Jose before my parents arrived.

MTG's Sunday in the Park with George (Little Kresge)
lighting board operator
Adam L was in the cast
and end of act 1 there was a slow transition to black
that I made abruptly because the girl in the booth next to me 
removed her camisole and gave it to me to put in the toolbox in act ii
(toolbox to fix Chromolume)

Sophmore Year (1992-1993)

Baker 132

Baker 138
Barbara K

Baker 116
Simanta C
Benjy T

Baker 405
Marisa C
Jennifer T

Baker 505a
Meslissa R
Stephanie S

Baker 407
Mariquita G
Jill W
Chisrtine H

Baker 421
Kimberly K
Baker 422
Lisa S
(SK friends of Elaine)

Baker 517
Chris P
Kevin B

Baker 518
Brian L
Scott M

Baker 606
Shilpa H
Elaine H

Baker 605
Ashwin B
Adam L

freshmen advisor for Prof Robert Simpson
girl who loved writing failed writing test...

Baker 101
Jane M (friend of Sara)

Baker 102
Jeanne T (friend of Sara)

Baker 103
Amit S
Jason T

Baker 211
Sara D
Trelawney G
Tallessyn G

Baker 346
Christine S (AXO)

Baker 511
Danielle A (sailing friend of Elaine H)

Baker 611
Joe D

Baker 246
Jacqueline B (James K)

Baker 501
Chris S (steph?)

sophmore transfer 
Baker 105
Andrea J

Baker 119
Loreli C (Elaine's SK friend)

Baker 315
Agnieszka R (with Mindy M)

East Campus
Tom P
Alice C
David L

Yngve K. Raustein
MIT Stunned by Student's Murder

Service Planned for Yngve Raustein

McHugh Guilty, Sentenced to 20 Years

McHugh Retried; Again Found Guilty in Raustein Murder

Final verdict issued in Raustein case

Cambridge Journal; M.I.T. Student's Killing Divides City Campuses

Murder of Yngve Raustein

MIT 6.270
1994 RoboRaiders
competition with Marisa C. 27 January 1994 according to the
"A Visit to the MIT Campus" chapter of the Build
Your Own Robot by Karl Lunt.

MTG's Cabaret (Sala de Puerto Rico)
Adam L (Lighting Designer), Scott C, Vicky S, Ethan M (I was uncreditted)
spotlight, Nazi flag unfurler, and brick thrower

My family was invited to the 3 February 1994 launch of the space
shuttle Discovery
of STS-60 because of
my father's work
with Ron
Sega, one of the mission astronauts. I had met Ron Sega on several
occasions when he was working with my dad, including one time at our
house on Woodside Road. Before the launch, we met his then wife and
astronaut Bonnie
Dunbar at a prelaunch event at the
Hall of Fame, then owned by Space Camp. I was later amused to see
Ron Sega featured in a series of IEEE advertisements when I was
getting my PhD.

shuttle went off as scheduled, leaving us with time to kill.  Later
that same day, February third, Jen and I went to Epocot while my dad
took Rachael to Magic Kingdom. On the fourth, Jen and I took Rachael
to Disney MGM Studios.

visited Dave Y on February 1993 for Darthmouth Winter Carnival 

took train to Notre Dame to see Scott S at Sorin College for spring break

Sarah N visit for women and minoritiesa weekend
leaves with a crush on Brian L

17 April 1993
cousin Jon C and Paula
married in Boston area

MIT Spring Concert 1993
They Might Be Giants

Drove up to Maynard, MA, to see
the DEC Alpha
Workstation running Windows NT. Drove up with the MIT LIDS
Donald F. Duffy, Research Laboratory of Electronics, 31 years.

Summer 1993


Ian E
Andre D

24 August 1993 arrived mildenhall
ferry from Dover to France
IJCAI-93 in Chambery, France.
John McCarthy next to me grumbling
at French
keyboard layout on HP workstations
ferry from Calais?
3 September 1993 arrived dover

Junior Year (1993-1994)

They Might Be Giants concert at Harvard with Adam G 

Baker 224
Benjy T

Baker 225

down the hall from me Andrea J and Christine S

floor tutor Neal L was my 6.853 TA for Bill Dally

Baker 420: Jennifer, Marisa, Stephanie, Melissa

across the hall from 420: Steven T, Chris v K, Carlos, ...

Baker freshmen
Brad R (and Julia Rosolovsky) 
Becky M
David L


Stephanie (fall of junior year)
setup at McCormick Theta function, followed by LSC

The Nightmare Before Christmas
(lousy seats very close to the front, steph fell asleep)
afterwards frat house skull party (went as Dilbert with coatwire to hold up the tie)

Doom over Christmas break
took my 486 home to play over break

end of IAP trip to Montreal for Marisa's 20th birthday
Marisa, Steph, Jennifer, Melissa, Benjy, myself, ?
very, Very, VERY cold
subway with rubber wheels
McGill Theta house
art museum
International Humour Hall of Fame
drinking at the bar
whiskey shots with steph
melissa and the sailors
dancing to the cranberries
Montreal Biodome
return trip
benjy lost visiblity due to snow from back of tractor trailer
(why was guy from alabama driving in the snow :))
went off left shoulder, snow in grill
popped off alternater belt
Dodge Caravan had same engine as my parents' Dodge Dynasty and where I had help my dad replace the alternator
I had my tools but girls were skeptical of our ability to fix it
waiting in parking lot for AAA forever
eventually we fixed it ourselves
everything closed due to blizard, even 24 hour Denny's
Fort ? truck stop was all that we could find open

Spring Break

First and only attempt to play in
an Assassins' Guild
live-action role playing game. The game
was Convention
and I was probably dragged in because my friend from Baker Brian L was
one of the organizers of the game. I played Dr. Henry Zvago, or at
least I did for a few days. Given that it was a weeklong game it was a
bit overwhelming as at first time experience, I didn't end up

MIT Spring Concert 1994
Rebecca came with Will P, her future husband, I believe it was first time I met him

summer UROP crisis
- tk didn't have funds, last minute rush to find something
- John M. Mallery "whitehouse email project"
- Frans Kaashoek OS project (Tom P went to work with him instead)
- scsh guy had come to MIT?!? definitely my first choice

before May 11, 1994 (Jen has ticket with exact date)
  Astronaut, administrator recall historic lunar landing
  Robert Seamans and Neil Armstrong on the Apollo Program
Neil and Buzz signed our 25th anniverary Apollo T-Shirts that we got at shuttle launch

May 1994 - Pink Floyd Concert

Summer 1994

MIT LCS / Media Lab UROP

Personal Information Architecture group
- lab in old X consortium space (before w3c took the space)
- whitebox NeXT machines (25 Intel Pentium engineering samples!)
- Apple newtons
- I got an alphanumeric pager that advisors didn't want
  created zephyr integration, including friend location tracker

- scsh hacking
  networking interface
  finger client
  http client and server
  ftp client and server
  html parser
  html formatter (for text or newton)
  porting to ever Unix-like box I could get a hold of... SunOS, Solaris, HP-UX, Irix, Ultrix, NeXT, NetBSD, FreeBSD, Linux, Apollo?
  Dave Albertz (our 43 year old sophmore from IBM) did a Berkely DB interface

- newton browser
  talking to OKI cell phone via serial dongle with someone else reverse engineered cell phone docs
  slip-like protocol to talk to newton over noisy OKI cell phone
  Ed O did NewtonScript client
  OKI demo!

PIA people/projects
- professor Michael Hawley
- research scientist Olin Shivers
- Sandra Gordon
- Wandy did functional postscript
- Maria from WILG
- winning SIGGRAPH t-shirt competition with computer controled embroidery machine (SIGGRAPH '94 logo?)
- Rob Silvers photomosaics
- Manish Tuteja (married Jennifer Glos)
- living room of the future (nice remodel of 4th floor machine room)
  surround sound
  large screen with front projector with Faroudja line doubler
  laser disc player
  THX and nice leather couches!
  before remodel was done, sound system was setup in student office
  nice for playing doom, scary rear channel reverb
    also played SGI 

Circa 1994
Photo by Philip Greenspun.

August 11th-August 15th Woodstock '94 (25th anniversary)'94 went with Rebecca D to work in a booth selling refreshments for some cause (arrived day early august 11th) (saw posters looking for people around Harvard campus) our booth was at an excellent spot just right of the main north stage got ride over with some WBCN people first night watched "easy rider" on the big screens ran into some J-D '91 in the workers village the first morning after sleeping in the camp I got up late one morning and missed being on MTV with Rebecca and VJ Kennedy nine inch nails, violent phemes, 20 August 1994 Aerosmith at Great Woods (with ???) 23 aug 94 mildenhall trip to London Cambridge/Oxford Cats on return flight home, mom passed out on plane and was unresponsive pilot decided to return to Mildenhall AFB. she had come to pretty quickly and was a little disoriented but generally ok. when we arrived, my dad and sister rode with mom to hospital in very unfortable military ambulance ride. I was left to collect the luggage, climbing around belly of C-5 to find our luggage in the pallets. afterward, I waited in the DV lounge at the terminal until my dad came back to get me. they weren't exactly sure what happened with my mom, they think it might have just been dehydration. still, they didn't want my mom flying again for a few days so we had some extra time in England. Since we were going to be around for at least a few days, I went with my dad and rented a car at a little place just off base, I'm guessing my sister stayed with my mom at the hospital. he put me on the insurance as a driver and I practiving driving stick in the terminal parking lot. so now I was learning to drive stick and on the left all at once! My dad always the "sink-or-swim" type of driving instructor had me driving down into London right away. I remember the fun of learning to use the parking break to get started on a steep ramp in a parking garage with cars beeping behind me. I was very happy on 25 August 1994 that I got to see Les Miserables in the West End. It was way better than Cats, of course! We got some last minute tickets for box seats on left of stage, so we could hear really well, but not see all of stage right. I bought a Les Mis t-shirt as a souvenir.

Senior Year (1994-1995)

09: 1001 Main Street
    Concord, MA  1742

Baker 420+421+422
Baker 420: Jennifer, Marisa, Stephanie, Amy Hanlon
Baker 421: Brian
Baker 422: Benjy

Baker 634
Simanta C

Baker 635
Nicole F

Baker 617
Elaine H
Danielle A
Baker 616
Shilpa H


Baker 406
David H

Baker 546
Chris S (camero)

Baker 311
Shelley W, married Jimmy (James) E

Baker 642
Steve N

Went to see MTG's Guys and Dolls (with Jennifer?)

afternoon of 9 September 1994
Martignetti Liquor store run with Brian L
got rear ended at light turning from mem drive in front of hyatt

24 September 1994
Greek Week Ball (with Jennifer, Dave H+Amy H, Lynetta F+Doug N )

28 September 1994
Greatful Dead at the old Boston Garden

8 October 1994
Boston College vs Notre Dame game with Scott S in Boston

Alexis E

December 1994
Baker Holiday Party with Lisa

Jennifer T
called xmas day after seeing Little Women
Lynetta F

17 January 1995
MEng acceptance letter (accepted before April)

20 January 1995
after midnight: met Jen at the airport
next day went to Little Women authors house in concord
signed guest book

watching when harry met sally with Jen, which make our friends gag

Jen's loose ends with Steve N

Feb 1995
STS (Science, Technology, and Society) minor

10 Feb 1995
Winter Carnival at Dartmouth
"Whinter Whinding" concert with Jen
Scott S was also there

11 Feb 1995
took Jen to US Figure Skating Nationals in Providence, RI for her birthday
  A Blitz Of Glitz On Ice: Skating: Real Championships Struggle For Attention
  FIGURE SKATING; Another U.S. Champion Swirls in Controversy

12 Feb 1995
valentines day ball at museum of science

14 Feb 1995 
heart necklace for Jen (went shopping with Steph at Burlington Mall)

26? March 1995
Sunset Boulevard at the Minskoff Theatre in NYC with Jen
(afterwards to Syracuse to see Scott)
MIT Spring Break?

March 1995
General Magic/HP trip
General Magic had be stay at Sheraton in Sunnyvale over on Matilda near 237
GM interview on 22 March 1995. lunch with Warren H and Norman A
HP took me to lunch at Japanese place on El Camino
HP had me stay at the Hyatt Rickeys

3 April 1995
General Magic offer

Wednesday, 5 April 1995
Tom Petty with Angie H and Steph S

Friday, 7 April 1995
Belly at the Orpheum Theatre in Boston

Easter (Sunday, 16 April 1995) Jen to Aunt Mary's (with Simanta and Joe? who were in Poolesville)
(is this the time of the  "little boys" comment from Grandma T?)
was down that weekend for a Hughes interview in Maryland, stopped by after interview Friday
(got an salary offer that was bumped due to my MEng program)
met Dmitri S, a CMU grad that warned be away from Hughes, only to show up on other side of the interview table at Ariba a few years later

22 April 1995 
Lynetta F's bridal shower dinner at the Four Seasons in Boston
I "loaned" Jen $200 to help pay for it

Saturday, 29 April 1995
Senior Ball with Jennifer (Theta Formal same evening)

Microsoft interview
put me up in summer intern housing
Exchange group
Home group
dinner with MIT alum at sky needle

Oracle interview 
on campus, bank days of month cube puzzle question
in California, 
missed shuttle from hotel (hyatt up by airport) arrived late for HR orientation video
lunch with Mark U, told him about Rebecca D, threats to look him up at NAIMUN's

phone interview with Erann Gat

17 May 1995
Linus Torvalds Speaks in Boston
I remember one thing from this talk:
"He even admitted, somewhat sheepishly, that the slides he was using in his presentation were done with Microsoft PowerPoint because there was no good tool available on Linux."
The audible gasps from the FSF folks in the audience were amusing. They probably thought he should use SliTeX.

graduation trip
Tybee Island, Georgia
Benjy, Brian, Jennifer, and Stephanie
Benjy's grandmothers house on the on Butler ave, near the corner with 1st street, great access to the beach
Benjy and Steph dancing at the club on the water
visit to River Street in Savannah
80's band lounge act at Holiday Inn
gun shots in parking lot
light house
The Tybee Bomb (,_Georgia)

7 June 1995
Jen makes it clear she wants to see me in California

Graduation (Friday 9 June 1995)
Boston Pops concert (with family)

21 June 1995 was in Syracuse to see Scott
went clothes shopping, got my first denim shirt, to be a bigger deal one thursday at Ariba

2x REM concerts at Great Woods with Dave L and Steph S (16-18 June 1995)
one was 16 June 1995
other was 18 June 1995

Lynetta and Doug's wedding (24? June 1995)


memorable hacks
- cathedral of the all night tool
- police car on dome 

- freshmen swim test (where Simanta cramped up)
- sailing (with Heather C)
- skating (with Steph S (and Simanta C in loser class))
- pistol (with Elaine H)
- ballroom dance (with Jennifer T)

trips to SUNY Binghamton to see Lisa W
- once when she was in dorm still
- once when she was in house
went ice skating

visiting Bridget L in Albany on trip with parents between Boston and Syracuse.

visit to Cornell to see Stephen S (drove with Melissa R who was going to sister Theta initiation)
roommate was Stefan M, who I was later in CS 240 with at Stanford
went to hockey game

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