Appendix A
Before my time

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Born 8 July 1939

Grew up in Springville, NY

mother Ruth (Wheeland) Carlstrom (14 July 1911-Feb 1979) (mother was a (Hughes) Wheeland), related to Charles Evans Hughes)
  (secretary of the Eastern Star lodge
- sister Carol (multiple sclerosis, husband Buick dealer Lock Haven, PA, son kurt, son andy)
- sister Eleanor (first husband Bill Vandervort (divorced), daughter Judy, second husband)
- sister Charlotte H (husband Don Curry, children Don Jr, Dr. Billy, Charlie, Nancy Hill, another daughter...)
- sister Helen (Erie, PA, husband Pete Boner)
- sister Cleta (Bradford, PA, husband Chet (proposed to Ruth after Cleta died!), son Raymond (problems with both hearing and speech), daughter Rachel, daughter Alfreda - Alfreda's son did the sand castles)
- brother Lynn (wife Alma Peterson, daughter near Lake Saint Clair, child #2 ?)
father Carl Carlstrom (30 Apr 1902-Jan 1962) (Mason)
older sister Martha
older brother Carl Alfred (aka Fred) (30 Apr 1937-23 May 2004)

Carlstrom Family Tree

Lionel trains

paper route

- Mill Street
  Orchard Park, NY
- Mill Street
  Springville, NY
- 20 E Main St
  Springville, NY
  (across from Marge)
  (Magic Show from General Mills (Copyright 1946))
- 136 E Main St
  Springville, NY

worked in 5&dime (across from 56 e main street, springville,ny)
worked at gas station on corner of Pearl Street and East Main Street

high school class of 1957
track team (captain?)
senior class president

trouble representing Russian in MUN

United States Air Force Academy class of 1961
signed in to the academy a week after high school graduation for basic training
took Russian, advised not to take a foreign language with a different alphabet and pronouciation

Dad's USAFA senior class picture

Travis Air Force Base

C-141 operational testing program

MIT Masters in Electrical Engineering
Masters thesis:
    Simulation of an "on-line, real-time" system for flight line management.                                                                                                

Married to my mom 13 November 1971

Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska

I was born 1973... Story continues here.


Born 11 April 1934


sister Mary (aka Sister Roberta)
sister Kathleen
sister Christina
brother Joseph

Grew up on fram outside Ruan, County Clare, Ireland

Came to United States by ship into NY at age 19
Don Duffy says 1953:
Don and his mother, Marian, drove down to pick her up in New York to pick her up
family friends of the Duffy's in NY got mom got a job a week later at Schrafft's in Boston
ate too much ice cream at Schrafft's, no photo evidence

lived with Duffys (Marian, Dan, Don, sister Vera) in 12 Walter Terrace, Somervile, NY until they sold it.
Vera went into the air force and met Bill who she married and moved out eventually ended up in Indiana
Don got married and moved out to an apartment.
moved with Marian and Dan into two family house they bought on Main Street in Medford (approximately 1960)

worked at John Hancock doing insurance policy worked (Sally C worked there as well)

after Kathleen came got an appartment with her and Sally C in third floor on 32 Eldridge Road, Forest Hills.
Sally got married to Joe Courney. Kathleen moved back to Ireland

worked at Logan airport selling air travel insurance
went on vacation to come back and find that someone had bought the company and she didn't have a job anymore.

worked at Preston Moss for 10 years (until married dad)
stock transfers
24 Federal Street
(later became Gardner & Preston Moss)

moved with Kathleen Hussey to second apartment on Barlow Street across from Parkman Playground in Forrest Hills.

sister Christina, husband Mike, and daugher Mary, a baby at the time, moved in for about a year, moved to apartment near Roslindale Square

lived on Barlow there until she married my father

eventually lived with in Boston with sister Kathleen, friend Sally C, (sister Christine?)

continued to work in Nebraska when I was born

Married to my dad 13 November 1971

I was born 1973... Story continues here.

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