Chapter 5

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Moving to Norcal: Sunnyvale, California

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General Magic

Doug S Warren H Norman A Jay L (Jaima) Jim W got to California with a $4k budget for misc moving expenses. I rented a car at the airport and checked in to the motel 6 on the north side of Matilha in Sunnyvale, very close to the office at 420 North Mary Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA. I showed up at GMGC 26 June 1995, before they expected me to start. I used time to call tons of apartments and hunt down this nice place a couple miles from the office: 1032 West Remington Drive, #7-12 It would be a couple weeks before I could move in, but I realized the the Motel 6 across the street from my Motel 6 was cheaper so I first moved there. I was hanging out with my friend Jason W who, while interning at HP Labs, was staying with his brother John W and his wife Vandita who had a house on San Lucas Ave in Mountain View, so I ended up crashing their for a couple weeks until I could move into my place. We had a great time renting movies and hanging out together at his brothers house until he went back to MIT in the fall. I remember he came with my looking at cars one time and I test drove a used porsche they had at the Dodge dealship in Sunnyvale. I didn't think about the fact that it was stick until I got in to drive, fortunately I didn't have any problems. My only previous experience had been with the rental car in London. I ended up getting my very own green 1993 Dodge Dynasty from Capitol Dodge with keyless entry baby later dubbed the pimp-mobile co-workers. Soon after I was able to move in my apartment. It was just in time for Jen and Marisa to come to town for Katy O's wedding. My mom had advised me to go the the Moffette and use my ID card to get some loaner futons and other housewares until the movers could deliver my stuff from Boston. I got the keys to the apartment on 7 July 2008 and I went and got three single futons and setup the girls to sleep in the living room and mine in my bedroom. Marisa's boyfriend Brian hadn't arrived yet to start working at Oracle with Arthur G. We all headed up to berkeley for Katy O's wedding on 8 July 1995. one problem with my apartment location was that it was too close to battery often died because not enought distance to recharge it between home and work. same thing later happened to Jason W when he worked at Intel (and we lived nearby in Santa Clara) and I had to give his Miata jump starts on a couple of occasions. playing original Sony PlayStation & Ridge Racer late night with Jim W 17 July 1995 - JPL open house - Cassini August 1995 Beauty and the Beast at Shubert Theatre in LA labor day weekend with Jennifer stayed at Cypress Tree Inn 2 September 1995 Monterey Aquarium 17 mile drive Sushi restuarant in Carmel 15 September offer from John E at OMKT, passed instead accept GMGC offer 15 Sept 1995 to switch from Telescript to MagicCap to work with Justin B, Mark F 27 September offer from John G at Netscape, the group doing Java (and LiveScript, err I mean, JavaScript as well...) also interviewed at Artemis Research (aka WebTV) where Jim W and Ed H ended up 8 December 1995 General Magic Holiday Party with Jennifer San Jose Athletic Club December (june +6) Elaine H as roommate 1674 Hollenbeck Apt 10 Justin B Mark F Dennis T Ed H Steve S ISDN to GMGC, same CO so no ISP needed! Darin A Andy H 5 April 1995 - second offer from OMKT 9 April 1995 - accepted offer from OMKT 10 April 1995 - started at OMKT leaving GMGC for OMKT after all 20 January 1996 1 year dating anniversary Disneyland Hotel Feb 1996 free timeshare trip to daytona and orlando with short 3 day cruise to the bahamas from cape canaveral "1900 Park Fare" character breakfast at Grand Floridian
From [email protected] Fri Oct 13 13:50 EDT 1995 Return-Path: Date: Fri, 13 Oct 95 10:48:51 PDT From: [email protected] (Jennifer Tschudy) Apparently-To: [email protected] Hi hon okay here is the requested vacation schedule (had to work around cruise times and dates) Daytona : Wednesday feb 7, Thurs feb 8 drive 4hours to west palm beach : Friday feb 9 Boat leaves palm beach 9:am (need to be on it by 8:30) saturday feb 10.... arrive bahamasa 2:30 pm bahamas (i forget what island right now) : sat feb 10, sunday feb 11 boat leaves bahamas 6or 7pm , arrives palm beach midnight monday palm beach : monday feb 12 drive 2 hours to orlando Orlando: tuesday beb 13, weds feb 14, thursday feb 15 fly away to boston on friday the 16th figured can fly into daytona and out of orlando both have major airports :) luv ya, Jennifer oh btw at the times of reservations had to pay $90( $45 a night for the before and after nights stay in palm beach) amd 198 for the port fees for the both of us ($99 per person) just so you know
posed picture was on 11 Feb 1996


picnic in redwoods with elaine H et al
moss beach, 13 April 1996

The Proposal

Open Market

OM Express

product Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows NT! Win32s oh my!
backend with Visual C++ 1.52 (but we only used C) and Visual Basic (9 floppies!) for the UI

1.0 release, mostly did bug fixing, removed memory leaks (thanks to SmartHeap's debug Agent version) 
1.1 release rewrote relative URL resolution to be RFC compliant

Time Warner's Pathfinder 

reviewer using MSN, dialer didn't work because of long connectoid name 

Open Market
OMKT IPO 22 May 1996

Saturday, 22 June 1996
Hunchback of Notre Dame Summer Spectacular, only at Pacific's El Capitan Theater

Summer 1996 
Tour of Digital Internet
Exchange by Brian Reid, sister of friend and coworker Lucille
Glassman, the day before the bank level security went online.  This
was one of the first, if not the first, co-location facility. I also
saw the AltaVista boxes and, more impressive to me,, upstairs at DEC WRL.

took forever to get it at OMKT ISDN access Hollenbeck
started in May, around a month after I started, finally got in August before moving in September.
had direct link to GMGC (shared CO) without PacBell Internet as ISP
somehow when they pulled the wires they were given to someone else before I could open new account

trying to figure out ISDN setup for office
ordered around 10 May 1996 
install 1 August 1996
 5 August 1996 - Special Advance Toll Bill for  1-5 August: $266.21
19 August 1996 - Special Advance Toll Bill for 5-18 August: $621.27
19 September 1996 - regular bill showed that I stopped the madness around 1am on August 21st

Cisco confused because same machine on two interfaces with too little time seperation (driving laptop from home to work or work to home...)

Beneath the airplanes: Santa Clara, California

moved for Jen starting Masters of Education at Stanford (1996-1997)

2343 Running Water Court


Bob the dummy - here with Kelly B G, Stephanie K, and Mena T
Making an old paisley button down shirt of mine look good while at Ariba
From a Mena T Facebook photo.

Bob the Dummy John Ellis trips back and forth to Boston AirMall purchase set him up in his cube Chris Hanna said I had to go talk to the person in John's cube... 19 Oct 1996 - WebTV for the OMKT office office closure expected. Bob took off his own head with a paper cutter in the break room. none of us were going to relocate to boston. Transitions OM-Express to new owner. spent time writing 100+ page document on OM-Express for new owner. Norman and I went to walk them through everything one day. Catharine van Ingen (aka cvi) had us work doing some catalog software evaluation while we were waiting for the end. end of open market limbo when official HR visit from east coast came on 25 November 1996 to do paperwork, Bob was in his bathrobe at the table in the break room circling jobs in the want ads with a red pen. John's twins came one of the last days at OMI. I remember he stumbled in wearing clothes he had previously had put on Bob! Paul Touw had left Open Market to rejoin his old Rasna buddy Keith Krach at Procuresoft. When Paul heard OMI was closing the engineering office down, he recruited Norman Adams to come on board. I interviewed for Procuresoft at the Benchmark Capitial offices on Sandhill. They had me give a talk to the engineering group at a white board in a conference room which include Paul Hegarty, Boris Putanec, Norman Adams, Marc Brown, and Damodar ???. After that I had invidual interviews with the founders. At some point I met another potential candiate and future officemate Guy Haskin in the hall between interviews. As far as my memories of the particular interviews, Rob DeSantis gave me the PowerPoint pitch. Bobby Lent being very visionary about the possible bredth and depth of the future of Procuresoft. Keith Krach through me off balancing by actually asking the cliched question about my biggest own weakness. He let me off the hook without something about being a perfectionist and working to hard because I didn't know when to stop when things were good enough. Ed Kinsey took me in my first BMW ride to go to Gordon Biersch in Palo Alto to discuss compensation. I knew later that I went too low when I was offerened the high end of the range I had mentioned to him. PlaceWare interview with Pavel C at Xerox PARC Post interview with John E (Pete K) I accepted my offer letter at the move in party for the first Procuresoft office at 1670 Plymouth St, Mountain View, CA 94043. Lucille Glassman from OMI was also there as well, I think she might have signed on that night as well. I think the first set of cubes were setup already, because I remember staking out the cube next to Norman, and Lucille was next to me on the other side. Initial office and cubes as I recall them: |Rob|Bobby|Paul|Ed|Keith| |Teresa| |Elkin| |Marc|Boris| |Lucille| |Brian|Norman| |Guy |Paul| I brought Bob to Procuresoft from Open Market, where he was bought for use in practical jokes by my technical lead John Ellis who spent too much reading SkyMall flying back and forth to Open Market headquarters in Boston. Other notable Open Market Aribian's include Norman Adams, Lucille Glassman, Mark Hahn, and Paul Touw. Bob's body was lost in the move from 1314 Chesapeake Terrace in Sunnyvale where this picture was taken to Charleston in Mountain View. However, his head lives on at NetBase head quarters with Aribians Jonathan Spier, Michael Osofsky, Lokesh Bajaj, Scott Wolk, and Stephen Winters. Winter 1996-1997 skiing with Jen at Northstar

Procuresoft (aka Ariba)

first day of coding
assigned PurchasOrder class
talked to Angela Carstens, our accountant, to learn about POs, got some Peachtree Accounting ones as samples

Norman's async RPC for Ariba based on PlaceWare Developer's Guide from Pavel

default Ariba RPC port was 7733, which was picked because it was
SPEEdy in the phone alphanumerics

John E gave us Java sorting code

approval engine
Norman and I tried to get requirements from Paul Touw for some reason, 
probably because he was involved in talking to Cisco.
Eventually just did something to meet Cisco's demo requirements
originally very nasty recursive design

scheme for approvals rules...allow quick changes and reeval of logic without server restart.
had been working on interpretter on the side to learn Java even before starting Ariba.
Norman was a Scheme head too but Paul signed off on it (open minded Stanford guy).
had worked on non-sexp grammar but it never got done.
later remember having to sit with Bobby and explain choice to customers. ouch.
had to 

approvable documents
initial basic workflow
composing --submit-->submitted
composing --submit-->submitted
submitted --withdraw-->composing
submitted --approvals->approved

(later added submitting intermediate state so that notifications and inbox operations could be done async)

allowed preview of rules result so people could see who would approve
before submitting. very popular.

submit ran approvalengine, sent notifications, put things in inboxes
withdraw similar undid all of that pulled things out.
email notifications, SMTP client.

text and html generation for email and printing.

SMTP server for receiving incoming CIF (Catalog Interchange Format) catalogs
much later also used for email approvals by Dmitri Schoeman

SMTPConsumer interface allowed catalog people to deal with actual
parsing of this
initially SGI
file format.

Guy did corresponding HTTPServer and HTTPConsumer mirroring SMTP work,
later I coverted to Servlet API flusing out lots of extra

submited doc could be edited but edit rules allow selective reapproval.
Frank Dancs did work on this since "diff" was represented by our 
object change log format.

requisitions in ->PO engine->POs out
(original version in Scheme replaced by less general Java version by Vincent before 1.0)

Elkin was all about adapters for loading data in from other databases as well as files. 
Did all the adapter configurations for pulling data from Oracle financials.
Also did push adapters for the finished POs
I worked with him to externalize adapter configuration to allow reloads (in Scheme...)

I believe Elkin had done some basic infrastructure to run his adapter
pulls on a schedule. I generalized this to the ScheduledTask
infrastructure and did the TimeoutApprovables and EscalateApprovables
tasks which would basically automatically withdraw requests that were
not being acted upon (typically a month) as or move things to managers
of approvers when they wer not being responsive (typically a week) . I
got to do some fun logic such as skipping weekends and holidays, which
of course required allowing companies to specifiy their holiday
schedule. I remember setting the sample to holidays that were the same
day every year such as new years, july 4th, christmas.

Marc Brown worked on the Applet UI. I remember his big push to
"Ruckerize" before the first big off-site Advisor Council that was at
the Fairmont Hotel in San Hose. In previous on site AdCo, things had
been a perfectly horrid selection of pastel colors. no matter what we
said ahead of time about focusing on the functionality and not the
form, there always was someone who would comment on the colors. Marc's
makeover of

Steve Roberson hired as IT around this time, I was pulling allnighter
with Boris who was working on FieldConstraints leading up to the big
AdCo. He showed up to work at like 6am but had no key yet, so it was
lucky for him we were there.

On think that didn't get done for that AdCo was Mac support. We tried
and tried including an allnighter at the hotel itself. Mac Java was
just too crappy. In the end we pulled the demo. in the end, we called
Cisco's bluff and said we were not going to be able deliver on the
Mac. Apparently the Macs they had were mainly used by execs and when
we asked what they would do if the Macs died, they admitted they were
being phased out for Windows boxes.

What we did demo and that got the "oooh" effect we wanted was async
approval graph update. basically one screen showed the submitter. the
other showed the approver. when the approver approved, the submitter
screen turned green instantly without so much as a refresh. this was
not something enterprise customers were used to seeing.

My friend Norman worked on the ORM layer including doing Java
superclass code gen in Scheme from ".met" metadata files so that we
didn't have boilerplate in our main Java files (similar code gen for
RPC as well) . Frank took over, with some help on SQL Server by JB
Alegani(sp?) who was with Ariba briefly but left. He also did a server
"UI" for debugging (shutdown, restart setting logging options, RPC
info, run and reload configuration ScheduledTasks and Adapters, reload
approval rules, ...)

What I remember most about JB was his Victorian house that had been
selected for a "this old house" restoration project, but he bailed on
that after he realized what a personal fiancial commitment it was
going to be over and above what he really had planned for his remodel.

Damodar? He had parted ways with Ariba between when I interviewed and
when I started. He seemed to have found success elsewhere because he
stopped by one time in a new Jaguar.

Cisco gantt chart story
trying to figure out what to do next after document stuff to help out to release
had worked with Lucille to cut down 1000 page Bobby spec to 100-200 pages of something reasonable for GA.
then worked items into Microsoft Project 
seemed like we were going to make it after all
(Paul's planning was month-by-month themes for the team, which worked out all right after all)
(err except possible being focused on features and not on 

While the engineers hacked, DeSantis and Magner were wrangling the
customers. I recall them getting Cisco and AMD in a race to sign
first. As I recall, Cisco won, and I recall the celebration where the
$250,000 order was proudly displayed. Octel (later aquired by Lucent)
and Visa were third and forth, even before we had a beta product. One
customer we didn't win was Sun that decided to make-vs-buy. Given the
problems we had with Sun Java performance, I wonder how they faired. :)

The first couple of AdCo were truly excellent. We still only had half
the space built out with cubes so they setup a big U of tables with
the big projector at the end for presentations and demos. Spouses and
other friends including engineers often filled out seats or stood
around to make things seem more crowed.

Touw pushed us to rename that beta to 1.0 CAP (Customer Acceptance
Program) so that the real 1.0 release became 2.0 GA (General
Availability). Of course I'm getting ahead of myself, because before
we even shipped a beta I had to get married and go on my honeymoon!

Keith's The Ariba Legacy- Built-to-Last

Keith Krach's original sketch of Ariba's architecture.
Drawn on a paper tablecloth in September 1996.
Note my signature on right side from his 40th birthday party. From Keith.


first cell phone for Jennifer, Nokia 2160, just before our
wedding. used to coordinate on the ground.
bachelor and bachelorette parties
rehersal dinner

I got married on 14 June 1997 to Jennifer L. Tschudy


We spent the first night at the East Room of the Mainstay Bed & Breakfest in Louisville, Ohio. We had a gift opening on Sunday, 15 June 1997, at Jennifer's Uncle Fred and Aunt Rita's house. In addition to family, I remember several college friends being there such as Benjy T, Stephanie S, Marisa Z, and Becky M. Later in the day we went to a barbeque at Pam and Rob's old house. That night we stayed at the Mainstay B&B again.

The East Room at the Mainstay Bed and Breakfast.
From Mainstay Bed & Breakfast.

On Monday, 16 June 1997, before heading out of town we returned gifts from our registry to the local store so we could repurchase them back in California and not have to pay to ship them. We used some of store credit to get some swimsuits for our honeymoon which we had forgotten to pack. From Canton we drove to Niagara Falls, we got there around dinner. We had to press on to Toronto where we stayed that night.

On Tuesday, 17 June 1997, we spent the day in Toronto visting the CN Tower and the awesome mall where we got some Roots gear, just like in high school. In the later afternoon we headed east up the lake shore and had dinner in Kingston. We spent the night at the Journey's End in Ottawa.

On Wednesday, 18 June 1997, we spent the day in Ottawa, not sure we did much more than see the Parliment. We drove up through Montreal but did not stop to see anything since we had been there in college for Marisa's 20th birthday. We spent the night at a Quality Suites on the outskirts of the city of Quebec.

On Thursday, 19 June 1997, we did a walking tour of Quebec starting near the famous Chateau Frontenac. We stayed at a Comfort Inn in Levis, just south of Quebec.

On Friday, 20 June 1997, we made a big drive from Quebec to Prince Edward Island (PEI). During some of the longer stretches such as this, Jennifer used the time to write thank you notes for wedding presents. I also remember getting a call from Guy H about some Ariba engineering issue as well around now, which we received using our new fangled cell phone. We took the new Confederation Bridge, which had just opened on 31 May 2007. We stayed just noth west of bridge crossing near Sunnyside Harbor. I remmeber it being a farm house near the road but with a few down to the water, it might have been the Serendipity Bed & Breakfast Inn. I think we went down to Summerside that night for some a quick bite, and I remember really discovering tartar sauce for the first time with some fish and chips that we ate out by the water.

On Saturday, 21 June 1997, we drove through western PEI. We stayed at the West Point Lighthouse. I think we went to play putt-putt somewhere on the west side of the island.

On Sunday, 22 June 1997, we entered the Anne of Green Gables portion of our honeymoon. Jennifer was a big fan of Lucy Maud Montgomery's Anne books, which is the primary reason I suggested and we decided to go to PEI for our honeymoon. We visited her birthplace in New London as well the Leaskdale manse where she wrote many of her novels. Unfortunately, we were not able to go to the Green Gables house because it was closed due to a fire on 23 May 1997. For the complete Anne experience, we stayed at Dalvay By The Sea that night, as featued in the the the Road to Avonlea TV Series based on the works of Lucy Maud Montgomery.

On Monday, 23 June 1997, we headed to Charlottetown, the provincial capital of Prince Edward Island. We went to the yearly Charlottetown Festival production of the Anne of Green Gables Musical when we stayed in Charlottetown. Looking back, all this trundling around after a dead author was perhaps foreshadowing of our later trip to England and Scotland.

On Tuesday, 24 June 1997, before leaving the "big city" of Charlottetown, we went to buy me a new tie, because I needed one for wedding we were headed to at the end of the trip in Boston. Having finishing our Anne pilgrimage, we headed around the east on the island. We attended a famous church lobster supper. We stayed at the Woodlands Country Inn. The B&B that had a snooker table, which we found much harder than the a usual pool table.

On Wednesday, 25 June 1997, we spent our final night on the island at The Orient Hotel, where we bought some tea from Mrs. Profitt's Tea Shop.

On Thursday, 26 June 1997, we took the bridge off the island. On the way back through New Brunswick, we stopped in Saint John. After seeing the reversing falls, and having some time on our hands, we decided to take the afternoon to see a movie. After getting directions to a theater, we were disappointed to find ourselves an old downtown movie theater that had like two movies perhaps one or at most two screens and nothing we wanted to see. We managed to get directions to what we thought was a more typical suburban movie theater only to find it to be one of those old concrete 4 screen multi-plexes in corner of a strip-mall parking lot. Worse than that, although some early afternoon kids movies were letting out, there were not going to be any other showings until that evening! It was at this point I commented that visiting Canada was sort of like a time machine, just one that took you backwards ten years. Front what I hear, visiting Japan is a corollary of this, only it is like going ten years into the future. Given our failed movie plans, we headed to our last B&B stop of the trip, the Pansy Patch, which we picked purely based on its name alone, due to Jennifer's love of all things pansy related thanks to Kappa Alpha Theta. Since we had plenty of time to kill, we went swimming across the street at the pool of the The Fairmont Algonquin, which was an amenity for Pansy Patch gusts back then.

On Friday, 27 June 1997, we drove down to Boston where we stayed at my parents house. On Saturday, 28 June 1997, two weeks after our wedding, we attened the wedding of our MIT Baker friends, Bridget B and Chris S, seeing many of several of our MIT friends again that we had just seen in Ohio. On Sunday, 29 June 1997, we flew from Boston's Logan airport back to northern California.

Unfortunately, we have no pictures from our honeymoon, only postcards, pins for Jennfier's collectio, etc. Our new Kodak camera was malfunctioned the whole trip. In componsation, Kodak offered us some blank film. Thanks, Kodak, I'll be sure to use that in my new non-Kodak camera.

Space Camp

operations directory
aviation challenge
astronaut's and the turtle drinking game

Ship It!!!

came back from Honeymoon to spend two weeks debugging why our Applet hung Netscape close to startup, but only on dialup connections.... turned out they had a deadlock in their code to use 4 simultaneous http connections for image loading. we already had a wrapper around image loading to support an abandonned attempt for an ImageGallery feature. Simply putting a big lock in there avoided multiple requests from reaching their buggy code. (ImageGallery was an attempt to put many smaller images such as for buttons into one bigger image to avoid many roundtrips for small images. it didn't make a big enought impact to be worth using, even though Dustin Frazier had done the work to get it all working) Hegarty's "Scary Fun" Charly Kleissner comes aboard as VP Paul moves to cube getting it out the door FCC (Feature control commitee) CCC (Code Control commitee) SOCCC (show-stoper only code control committee) Jon Winston hired as QA (and manager) Beth Wilson, Tandem purchasing agent, moved to work for him PR Tracker for defects until it approached bug 9999 problem. switched to Vantive later to avoid this and interoperate with support, was a step backward for engineering. "gnu make" for build. "gnu" wrapper program setup and validated environment, including adding cygwin utilities such as make to PATH. "gnu make localserver" actually create a non-developer build for running Applet in browser served by IIS. might have been close to actual contents shipped on CD. stayed as basis for QA and release builds for far too long... last minute Paramters.table rationalization all under one already approved PR number with Lucille tracking all the doc changes in close to real time. teaching Scheme to Tina Lount to write approval rules for customers Greg Cruz calling from freezing server rooms doing install Haskin and others out helping with customer installs Jessica S awesomeness at company roundtables, especially last big circle at move in to new 1314 Chesapeake Terrace, Sunnyvale, CA building. got our "Submit" button t-shirts that day for 2.0 GA release.

First house: Sunnyvale, California

1140 Blair Avenue

moved in Halloween 1997
Jen made sure we carved a pumpking and were ready for trick-or-treaters
move to Perforce from SourceSafe
I did eval, noticed it was recommended by Ed H at WebTV :)
Craig K's did awesome migration as first project
found many bugs in SourceSafe :)

2.0 -> 3.0 customer migration
the legend is that Lucille did the 4 or so customer upgrades herself rather than have to fully document the process

ServerMonitor from server pop-up to Applet like client, refactoring in
bringing in pcard reconciliation app.
7 April 1998
Ariba engineering Squaw Valley ski trip
Charly K
polling in Java

11 July 1998 - investigating polling for Java
Sun bug parade 4091423
I/O completion ports

meeting with HP about adding Polling to their JVM 
decided to go with unix poll style API
HP provided which was added to a release of SDK

HP also includes the implementation of a non-blocking I/O Poll API for Java in the package. supports a general mechanism for reporting I/O conditions associated with a set of FileDescriptors and for waiting until one or more conditions becomes true. Specified conditions include the ability to read or write data without blocking, and error conditions. Use of dramatically reduces the number of threads required to support large numbers of clients in large server-side Java applications.
Supported APIs [...] HP also includes the implementation of a non-blocking I/O Poll API for Java in the package. supports a general mechanism for reporting I/O conditions associated with a set of FileDescriptors and for waiting until one or more conditions becomes true. Specified conditions include the ability to read or write data without blocking, and error conditions. Use of dramatically reduces the number of threads required to support large numbers of clients in large server-side Java applications.
Non-blocking I/O Poll API (SDK 1.3 and 1.4, deprecated in 5.0) supports a general mechanism for reporting I/O conditions associated with a set of FileDescriptors and for waiting until one or more conditions becomes true. Specified conditions include the ability to read or write data without blocking, and error conditions. Use of dramatically reduces the number of threads required to support large numbers of clients in large server-side Java applications
rewrote Ariba RPC server to use a thread poll polling Needed to use one extra socket to wake up polling thread when we needed to add new socket to watch. cleaned up all the client libraries to use ThreadGroups instead of globals we could actually have a working scalable multi-treaded tested. (original version by Brian Elkin, enhanced by Ran Zhang) further pushed HP ahead of Sun for our benchmarks
Marisa and Brian's Wedding
Santa Monica from 12-16 August 1998

Steph and Simanta stayed with us before in Sunnyvale

Steph rode down with Dave L
Simanta rode with us in the Saturn

excellent bachelor party planned by bride

Steph and Jen (et al) were in the wedding party so simanta and I were on our own
table cameras
Simanta and I took some pictures of ourselves at the local liquor store
Sunday after wedding, started roadtrip of southwest

Sunday, 16 August 1998
Stayed at Circus Circus Sunday night in Las Vegas
played the slots, made $20 

Monday, 17 August 1998
hoover dam
stayed in Grand Canyon Squire Best Western in Grand Canyon, Arizona

Tuesday, 18 August 1998
visited south rim of Grand Canyon National Park
stayed in Goulding's Lodge in Monument Valley, Utah

Wednesday, 19 August 1998
dinner in Durango,  Colorado
saw cool steam train 
stayed Gicarilla Inn in Dulce, New Mexico

Thursday, 20 August 1998
stayed in Best Western in Chambers, Arizona

Friday, 21 August 1998
possible stayed with jens parents

Saturday, 22 August 1998
picked up Clyde from Sarina
stayed with jens parents, clyde locked in bathroom

Sunday, 23 August 1998
drove home with clyde

Four Courners
Mesa Verde National Park
Los Alamos (museum in town)
Petrified Forest National Park
back to LA
eating door frame, table and chari legs, drywall, trees
Dad's company acquired by ITT

Current house: Los Altos, California

Ariba S-1 Filing

23 April 1999 - 2 May 1999

Santa Fe trip
Stephanie, Simanta, Susan, dml, ...
- Friday 23rd
  drive to LA
- Saturday 24th
   drop off Clyde with Tschudys, head east
- Sunday 25th
  arrive Santa Fe
Week activities
- drive to Taos
- visit to DH Lawrence gravesite (and snowball fight)
- white water rafting on the Rio Grande
Sunday May 2nd
  Jen back at work

San Diego
- Saturday, May 29, 1999
  Natalya and Elmer's wedding
  L'Auberge Del Mar Resort in Del Mar, California
- Sunday May 30, 1999
  LEGOLAND California
- Monday May 31, 1999
  San Diego Wild Animal Park

ARBA IPO 23 June 1999
(120-day lockup)

1.) house 2.) car 3.) vacation

1.) house

13045 Alta Tierra Road

2.) car "champagne gold" 2000 BMW 540i (replacing my Dodge Dynasty which went to my parents)

3.) trip to england, scotland, wales, ireland

while in enland, submitted meng thesis proposal

Jennifer and I did the y2k count down in Boston with Steph, Simanta, Joe D. et al.
brief loss of TV signal at one point made us wonder what was up 
when in boston, saw Anne Hunter about 6 units

John G, a friend of Brian Z from MIT was well prepared for y2k. He had
stored water in huge blue barrels in his garage in San Jose. He had
lots of food with a long shelf life as well. He stocked up on ammo for
his guns. He also bought lots of propane. He had enough gasoline
stockpiled to make it to his in-laws in the mid west in case he needed
to live off the land or something. I only know all this because I had
to help him move after Y2K and I helped empty the barrels and because
he gave me the propane because he wasn't going to use it.

Mitsubishi WS-73905

Troopy dies
hit by car on route 2
late 1999? 

adopted January 2001 from lab rescue when she was a few months old

June 2000
MIT Class of 1995 5 year reunion

europe trip
14 Aug 2000 arrived heathrow, england
25 Aug 2000 arrived rosslare, ireland
26?Aug 2000 K Foudy Wedding
30 Aug 2000 arrived US

Lake District
York train museum

The Art of Star Wars
Barbican, London

MEng 2.0
Summer 2000 MIT enrollment (while there for Class of 1995 5 year reunion)
4 June 2000 - 6.100 approved - "Scheme Shell Enhancements"
5 June 2000 - Anne Hunter approves my course schedule
6 June 2000 - Thesis Proposal approved
(July 2000 juror summons responded with full time student, which I was!)

18 August 2000 - 2x FedEx: first to Olin at Georgia Tech, second to Simanta at iPhrase
19 August 2000 - faxing 6.100 grade report form to Olin S from Pelham Hotel in London
23 August 2000 - FedEx to Olin at SmartLeaf

Fall 2000 enrollment 
3 October 2000 at MIT (while doing fall MIT recruiting trip for Ariba)
3 October 2000 - Anne Hunter approves my course schedule
10 October 2000 - meng draft review by Lucille G

December 2000 - meng draft review by Norman A

5 February 2001 - Steph S (with Simanta driving) collects MEng signature from Olin at SmartLeaf
6 February 2001 - Steph S goes to Cashier's office and takes care of MEng submission

Thanksgiving - November 2000 - hunter green 2001 Toyota Sequoia (replacing her 1995 Saturn which went to Jen's sister Kristina)

MIT recruiting for Ariba
year 1 ?
year 2 ?
Saw Tom P recruiting as President of extotec as well as Jason T from Baker recruiting for Cyveillance.
Jason was one of People magazine's 100 most eligible bachelors in 2000! how random is that?,,20131741,00.html

memorable Ariba release work
- 2
- 3
- 4
- 5
- 6
- RPC overhaul including code gen -> Java (later SSL support)
- first refactor of client/core/server
- layering rerefactor of util/rpc/base/current
- platform vs buyer and the continued gutting
- 7 ... Applet->HTML, Adapters->TIBCO, single server pessimistic locking to multi-server optistic locking, migration nightmare (but also AQL)
- 8 app ready multiserver, CDS

Learn to Play Bridge
bridge/game night until too many people had kids

JD reunion
Thanksgiving 2001
Jen in LA for her reunion, pregnant with Michael
Jennifer T, Kim K, Amy K, Peter E, David Y, Scott S, Doree G, Robert T, Eric S, Chris F, ...

2002 Olympic Games (8 February - 24 February)
drove up in two stages
stopped in Nevada first night
second night in first house in Salt Lake
Jen's family for first week or so, then we moved to smaller house)
first big post-9/11 international event
opening ceremonies, waving to the Brian and Sara E
speed skating  Derek Parra 
short track speed skating
first trip back from mountain was bussing disaster, Mitt Romney fixing it himself
city buses from all over the states from San Francisco MUNI to Cleveland RTA
hockey with Bob T
medal round curling
running in to Todd Eldridge at skating show
women's halfpipe?
men's stunt skiing?
getting skaing signatures in Park City
being there both for the controversial pairs skating fiasco
and for the awarding of the metal
Donna C, house visit, lunch at cool places with divers, came with us to medals award event with 'N Sync (2/23/02)
closing ceremonies

31 March 2002
the Saturday before we went on trip on Easter Sunday the sewer backed up 
didn't notice until that night 
had to get it fixed that night no matter what since we were leaving town
Jen was pregnant so I insisted on cleanign it up all by myself, the basement bathroom floor, the rug outside, mop and bucket and steam cleaner
plumber pulled cleanup plug in yard and it was a geyser flowing down the hill. 
plumber then tried to snake it out from outside but couldn't really figure out topology
plumber was afraid that the pipes might be connect to neighbors house. 
our fear was coming come to their sewage filling our basement.
don't remember where we went! (to ohio for baby shower?)

ohio baby shower
bob T and I skulking around the country club steering clear of the girls
eventually dropped at the end

baby prep
lots of book
- What to expect when you are expecting
- Expectant Father
- ...
lots of classes
- birthing classa at Los Altos branch of PAMF
- breastfeeding class (ran into Joe T from Ariba)
- child care class
- car set inspection

14 July 2002 (Bastille Day) (on his due date)
walked around los altos art and wine festival on 13th which got contractions going
sent home from Lucile Packard Children's Hospital a couple times on false starts about broken water 
gave us patient card to speed up return visits
Jen G came over to watch Jen when I went to airport to get her mom
watched Disney's Atlantis movie before returning around midnight
admitted at midnight, induced before 1am
took way too much stuff (stereo, CDs, books, tennis balls for massage, ...)
epidural around ??? 4am?
spent night there with Jen's mom, slept a bit on the couch
woke up when water broke around 8am
born at 8:32am
went out to front call my parents and sister, saw Ariba woman coming in for scheduled c-section
(missed Jonathan S's wedding to Brandy)

David Y wedding a week or two after Michael was born
Peter E, Scott S, 
crashed rehersal dinner

Steph and Simanta moving to San Francisco
helped carrying stuff up to apartment
Brian and Marisa also there, but Marisa pregnant
we had to go early for our baby class reunion

Stanford Application

General GREs
September 2002
1000 words with Stephen S via IM
taking many analytical exams until I could do them fast
Verbal 690 (96%) / Quantitative 800 (92%) / Analytical 740 (88%)

CompSci GRE 
December 2002 (earlier date canceled due to cheating)
rereading a ton of undergraduate text books...
850 (92%)

21 February 2003
Stanford acceptance

14 March 2003
accepted Stanford CS PhD admission

14-15 March 2003
Stanford PhD admit weekend
Sat prof meetings (Dawson and Mendel)
Dawson, Tom, Frans, MIT
Mendel... the other Mar[ck] Brown from DEC SRC
Fox... had a meeting, hijacked by another student drop in. i had a bad feeling about this
met with Dawson a couple more times, played with mc java, joeq, 
another grad student warned be away from Fox because of tenure issues...another Mary Baker
met Jeremy S, also returning to get graduate school after a successful startup

8 August 2003
end of dental insurance
upper wisdow teeth removal, don't have lowers

Lisa Wolk Wedding to Stu Stein
parents came over to watch Michael
Aunt Martha and Uncle Eddie came over to see all of us
took Michael to New York State Fair

22 September 2003
first day of autumn quarter at Stanford

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