Chapter 6
Stanford PhD

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Year 1: 2003-2004

Fall Gates 292 Kayvon F Yiorgos A walked around campus to see computer labs sweet hall, library (green?), tressider(sp?) terman, pup lab, etc turns out, no one uses computer clusters anymore library was already just mac pc by graduation tressider was shrunk sweet hall was gone terman was PCs running linux, Suns gone pups were usally empty when I walked by, at most one or two people comps 2003 (passed 6: automata, database, logic, networks, programming languages, OS) CS 300 ISCA 2004 submission met Andy S after CS 300 AI seminar on robotic helicopters weny back to Gates 292 to fly helicopters on my Inspiron 8200 with my shiny new Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 Winter ASPLOS 2004 submission CS 121 (Yiorgos, Kayvon, ?) Spring CS 143 (Jimmy E, but by myself) Getting Java programs to run with JikesRVM to work on Ben Hertzberg's first PowerPC simulator 17-19 May 2004 Stanford Computer Form Annual Affiliates Meeting presented TCC poster based on ISCA/ASPLOS work 23 May 2004 Uncle Fred (aka Carl Alfred Carlstrom) dies (born 30 Apr 1937) Summer CS 161 (time sink with Andy S, TA complaining about code, python generator for final project)

Year 2: 2004-2005

moved to Gates 458 Lance H 9 October 2004 - 13 October 2004 ASPLOS XI conference with Lance comps (passed architecture)+ISCA 2005 submission OOSPLA 2005 rejection (but SCOOL workshop acceptance, presentation, and SCP journal article invitation) quals 2005 (started studying for PL early on but bailed due to Daniel timing) Daniel 5 May 2005 (Cinco de Mayo and 5/5/5 ) had gone to few hour parent refresher class at Stanford took much less stuff this time still induced watched "Days of Thunder" on room TV in the afternoon delivery at 7:45pm Jen's mom flew up after the fact this time Comprehensive Examinations Archive 5 May 2005 awarded Intel fellowship 7 May 2005 9:30am employee screening of Star Wars Episode III Attack of the Clones with Andy S (who didn't take his girlfriend... ouch) (two days after daniel born) 14 August 2005 Marci's Annual Outdoor Cinema Event

The Ring Bearers at the Wedding Crashers
From Marci's Kodak Gallery.

15-16 August 2005 Hot Chips 17 cell processor!

Year 3: 2005-2006

Intel Fellowship comps 2005 (writing architecture) HPCA 2006? rejection Fall 2005 Intel Developer Forum 21 Oct 2005 Donald B Tschudy passes away (born 30 Apr 1918) 24 October 2005 Intel PhD Fellow trip to Oregon writing arch comp PLDI submission GenieTown conception Hassan C and his friend in Paris, France naming talking to a million people interviewing Dave B at the alumni center early meetings upstairs from the the 720? gsc pub John D and the fixing up the office CS 240 (Jared C, Jacob L, ?) Dawson's stories before the camera was rolling Dawson's PLDI submission and sleep deprivation Quals passed PL (John Mitchell), OS (Dawson Engler), Arch (Kunle Olukotun, just me and Austen) 10 June 2006 - 16 June 2006 PLDI conference (and Workshop on Transactional Memory Workloads 10 June 2006) (and TRANSACT workshop - 11 June 2006) Ottawa, ON forgot passport, jen had to run home and get it no foreign currency, survived 100% on credit card I was first speaker of conference (12 June 2006), much bigger than ASPLOS, a little intimindating stanford dependents insurance nightmare 21-22 August 2006 Hot Chips 17

Year 4: 2006-2007

Intel Fellowship comps 2006 (writing architecture) GenieTown technical advisor the GT8? stanford undergrads: Omar, Matt C, ?, Tammy P Mark W managing the sales troops Boaz R PM bethany Stanford insurance nightmare 11 November 2006 (Armistice Day) Aster broke Jen's water with hook, doctor and nurse shocked at volume after draining bladder, baby came super fast at 9:47pm 14-17 March 2007 PPoPP conference TAing 315a with Jared writing arch comp 17 April 2007 - Media X with Kunle July 2007 J-D invades facebook

Year 5: 2007-2008

oral thesis defense 11 Jan 2008 last minute drop out by commitee chair due to illness in the family TAing 315a with Jared Dissertation serious time at GenieTown sputnik vs ? Frank M and RDF, seeing that the consumer and service provider don't speak the same language Alex S making it all work Joel P breaking it all Mark G doing it all Steven B's USB thermonmeter harsh december reality GenieTown water leak, machine move, the upstairs office clearing out, liquidation, real estate, ... GenieTown facebook app launched March 2008 28 April 2008 PS3 and GTA IV Vista on the Inspiron XPS could it really be that bad Halo 2 "required" it for DirectX 10, although there were hacks to avoid it ouch slow even on gaming laptop, switched back to XP (31 May 2008) after I was done with game (27 April 2008) 5 June 2008 turned in dissertation 16 June 2008 June 2008 Stanford Graduation, Commencement, Conferral, whatever you want to call it


Rock Band July 2008 trip to LA, Michael's birthday, LEGOLAND July 6th hacking CSS for new July 22 writing content for new July 26th iPhones for me and Jen had tried to get for a while, including pasadena store with Andy on LA trip August 2008 decision to write memoirs (19 August mentioned writing about Arlington, VA on facebook status) mid to late August 2008 lego inventory (12th august earliest inventory file timestamp, 25th august end of inventorying) September 2008 memoirs writing October 2008 memoirs writing trixbox upgrade Veterans Day Weekend 2008 trip to LA, Disneyland and Califoria Adventure, Aster's birthday (8 Nov 2008 Nju N, found out on the road to LA) Thanksgiving 2008 Club Med in Ixtapa, Mexico with family and Jen's parents December 2008 co-parenting full-time with Jen when our nanny was away for the month January 2009 new Dell XPS to replace ancient desktop fighting with Cygwin and Vista (solution was mostly just to make sure to run setup.exe as admin the first time) happy with Vista in the end. However, looking forward to Windows 7. 3 CS315a lectures (2 in Jan, 1 in March) February 2009 trip to Walt Disney World with family and Jen's parents March 2009 trying to wrap up memoirs writing enough to get it a major chunk, the high schools years, out there and move it to a background activity April 2009 picture scanning 5 May 2009 May LAHF kickoff BigTent June LAHF at town picnic 13-14 June 2009 LEGOLAND California Star Wars Days While in SoCal on vacation came was reading through a stack of old Dr. Dobbs Journals. In Issue 403 (December 2007) I came across an article by Jonathan Erickson entitled "There Are Transactions, Then There Are Transactions" which talked about my PLDI 2006 Atomos paper. It can be found online at 28 August 2009 Wedding of Christina and Andy 8 September 2009 Sister Mary Robert Hayes passes away Sister Mary Roberta Hayes died peacefully at Holy Spirit Convent on September 8, 2009. She was born in Co. Clare, Ireland, on May 2, 1933 and joined the Congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Spirit and Mary Immaculate in 1948. After receiving a B.A. degree from the University of the Incarnate Word, Sister Roberta taught in various schools of the Congregation in Texas and Mississippi. Sister Roberta is survived by three sisters: Elizabeth Carlstrom of Concord, Massachusetts, Christina Duffy of Hyde Park, Massachusetts and Kathleen Foudy of Co. Clare, Ireland; her brother, Joe Hayes of Co. Clare; and numerous nieces and nephews, relatives and friends. 9/9/9 leaving Ariba official last day: Sep 18, 2009

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