The Proposal

Brian surprised Jennifer and whisked her off to beautiful Moss Beach (and allowed her to avoid a hike she really wasn't looking forward to) where they were greeted by honking. And thus she was introduced to the Goose and Turrent Inn. The couple resided in the pilot room, which was complete with a gas fireplace and goose down comforter. Upon thier first introduction to the Inn they were served tea and introduced to the other three couples staying there that evening. After tea they relaxed in their room and then begin asking suggestions for a nice place to dine. By this point, Jennifer was sure Brian was up to something... but still wasn't sure of the actual event. After dinner, Brian and Jennifer took a seat on some rocks by the coast to watch the moon and the stars and the ocean. And after this they returned to their room and prepared for bed and Jennifer was still wondering what was going to happen... and then it did. They were sitting on the bed, talking and enjoying the fireplace when Brian presented Jennifer with a bigger box than she was expecting. It contained an adorable blue teddy bear by the name of "Benny." Jennifer was excited and appreciative and then Brian told her there was "something special next to the bear's heart." So Jennifer immediatly begin to look for openings or zippers and failed to see the zipper right in the middle of the bear, until her patient fiance decided to point it out to her. Inside the bear was the engagement ring... and well the rest is obvious.