Treo 650 Notes

Dialing "#*377"gives reason for the last crash. My Treo crashes a lot. I'm not very happy about that...

"#*786" for Life Timer and Software Rev.

After I managed to get the ROW (Rogers's Wireless) firmware on my Cingular phone using a SD card trick, I was so happy to have a stable phone that I stopped trying to hack it and add strange third party apps. I do recommend:

  • LEDOff - turn off flashing coverage indicator lights.
  • RadioControl - make sure phone is on after crash reboot.
  • Google Maps - replacing DirAssist for local information
  • pssh - ssh to use my Emacs based email.
  • FlightStatus - great when traveling or pickup up people.
  • MobiTV - great for killing time in airports as well.
  • Opera MiniBrowser - for when Blazer doesn't cut it.
  • PdaNet - to use the phone as a data modem for my laptop.

Brian D. Carlstrom