Perceptual Image Quality: Concept and Measurement

Jacques A.J. Roufs, Inst. for Perception Research, Eindhoven NL

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Content Summary

Author distinguishes appreciation-oriented from performance-oriented "perceptual image quality", which is "difficult to provide a definition [of] which is precise". The measurements that rely least on metric strength assessments come from test subjects classifying the degree of similarity or sensations of pairs of objects. Most examples are concerned with "scalability": how perceived quality changes as physical display parameters change. Examples discussed:

Relevance to Multimedia

"Image quality engineering" in practice can benefit by making tradeoffs that exploit the results of psychometric studies such as this (e.g. choosing the appropriate transformation parameters for lossy compression).


3 out of 5: the right idea, but nowhere near as elegant as its
digital-audio counterpart.
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