CCIR 601 Standard

16th CCIR, 1986

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Content Summary

Describes a digital component video standard that encompasses both 525 and 625 line analog systems by varying the number of bytes per line, to fit either format into a uniform length stream, with a goal of worldwide interoperability.

The coding parameters are flexible enough to accommodate all the major existing analog systems and several color sampling rates, and much of the document reads like a "cookbook" for mapping the characteristics of analog video (e.g. blanking interval) onto 601-style digital video (e.g. inactive period in digital stream). Also some discussion of filtering characteristics for luminance and color-difference filters, which I mostly skipped since I've forgotten how to interpret that stuff.

Relevance to Multimedia

The One True Standard for digital video, that will subsume the differing international analog standards: "SECAM is irrelevant. NTSC is irrelevant. You will be assimilated."


3 out of 5: actually not that painful as standards documents go.
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