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M-RPC: Remote Procedure Call Service for Mobile Clients

Ajay Bakre and B.R. Badrinath, Rutgers U.

One-line summary: Indirect (like I-TCP) RPC, with reliable UDP for wireless part. Automatic rebinding of services to servers after handoff is done under the assumption that certain RPC's are idempotent. Lots of hoopla about how the transport/service layer should support disconnection and data filtering rather than forcing every app to handle it explicitly, but in the end, their implementation falls back on end-to-end solution.

Overview/Main Points (Reviewer's opinion in italics)

Some requirements:

Authors say that the above reqts. apply particularly to sophisticated apps that engage in long-lived conversations with RPC servers; simpler apps have looser requirements. IMHO, all the more reason to do it e2e!

M-RPC implementation:


Obvious; is to RPC as I-TCP is to TCP, i.e. a mobile oriented solution, but not really a very good one.


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