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Architectural Considerations for Scalable, Secure, Mobile Computing With Location Information

Mike Spreitzer and Marvin Theimer, Xerox PARC

One-line summary: Describes a suite of useful mobile/ubiquitous apps, some components of a HW/SW infrastructure to support these apps, show how the apps are built on top of the components, and show how component functionality and app semantics change as privacy goals are introduced and as the environment becomes less and less "trusted".

Overview/Main Points

Some mobile apps to consider: The baseline architecture: It should be pretty obvious how to build the desired apps given these components in a trusted environment.

Adding privacy (each user can choose whom to reveal location info to): Working in the presence of lying programs but trusted infrastructure: Insecure infrastructure or location service (e.g. cross-domain):



A high-level issues paper, not really an architecture paper.
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