CS242. Programming Languages

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Course Information for Autumn 2004

Calendar and Syllabus Midterm Exam: Oct. 27, 7:00-9:00pm in Gates B01 and B03. Final Exam: Dec 8, 8:30-11:30 AM .

Announcements are archived here. Recent announcements are:

  • [Oct 18] Sample midterm solution are in handout hangout on the 4th floor
  • [Oct 6] The dropbox for homework is here
  • [Sep 30] The first section will be held on Friday, Oct 1st. It will cover LISP, garbage collection and hw1.
  • [Sep 29] Section will be held Friday, 3:15-4:05 in Skilling 193.
  • [Sep 29] Homework 1 is posted under Handouts. Due Oct. 6 at 5pm.

Electronic course handouts are available here. If you miss a paper handout, you can obtain a copy from the handout hangout on the 4th floor of Gates at the entrance to the B-wing in a filing cabinet labeled CS242.

Reading Material This page lists some additional reading that may or may not be assigned during the term..
Course Information Information and policies for CS242. You can also read comments on previous offerings of CS 242.
Dictionary A collection of commonly used terms in this course.
Online This class is available online. This link will take you to the SCPD page for the course.
Programming Programming language reference manuals and implementations.
Text book Information related to the textbook, including errata.
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