CS242. Programming Languages

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Course Information for Autumn 2002

Calendar Midterm Exam: Thursday Nov 7, 7-9PM. Final Exam: Dec 12, 3:30-6:30PM in TCSEQ 200 (map) .

Announcements are archived here. Recent announcements are:

  • [Dec 5] All graded homeworks and regraded homeworks/midterms are in the handout hangout.
  • [Dec 5] The final exam will be in TCSEQ 200 (map) on Dec 12, 3:30-6:30PM.
  • [Dec 6] We will have office hours during the finals week, subject to changes from standard hours. Please remember that it may take 24 hours for us to answer email questions.
  • [Dec 6] For SITN students:
    • If you will come over for the final but want your graded copy routed back, please get a filled in routing form for the finals.
    • If you are taking the final at your site, you should be receiving the final sometime this week (Tuesday/Wednesday). You can take the final in any 3 hour period you want, even before Thursday. Please make sure your final reaches us by fax or courier by Friday morning (hard deadline). To use courier, you would need to meet the courier pickup time on Thursday morning at your site.
  • [Dec 8] Tuesday's office hours will be held from 7-9pm in Gates B08 instead of 2:30-4:30pm.
  • [Dec 11] SITN students: The final has been mailed only to non-local SITN students - please check with SITN on your status. Local students are expected to take the final at the normal time.

Copies of the course handouts are available here. If you miss a handout, you can obtain a copy from the handout hangout on the 4th floor of Gates at the entrance to the B-wing in a filing cabinet labeled CS242.

Reading Material This page lists some additional reading that may or may not be assigned during the term..
Policies Information and policies for CS242. You can also read comments on previous offerings of CS 242.
Dictionary A collection of commonly used terms in this course.
Online This class is available online. This link will take you to the SCPD page for the course.
Programming Programming language reference manuals and implementations.
John C. Mitchell