Brian D. Carlstrom

13045 Alta Tierra Road
Los Altos Hills, CA 94022
(650) 947-9632


Mountain View, CA
Senior Director, Software Engineering
Director of Android CoreOS including Frameworks, Media, Updatability, Programming Languages, and Android Go.
Senior Director, Software Engineering
Director in the Android Platform team for Programming Languages (ART, Core Libraries, Bionic, NDK, LLVM, Clang), Media, and Updatability (Mainline, OTA).
Director, Software Engineering
Director in the Android Platform team including Auth, ART, the Core Libraries, Bionic, the NDK, OTA, NN API, LLVM, Clang, and most recently Media.
Senior Staff Software Engineer
Manager of the Android Runtime & Tools team including ART, the Core Libraries, the Bionic C library, the Native Development Kit (NDK), Over-the-air (OTA) updates, Renderscript, LLVM, Clang, gcc, and the Jack compiler.
Staff Software Engineer
Manager of the ART team.
Staff Software Engineer
Member of the team that created the Android Runtime (ART).
MTS - Staff Software Engineer
Core Libraries on Android's Dalvik team working on what became Conscrypt.
United States Patent US10338932B2
Bootstrapping profile-guided compilation and verification
Matthew E. Kulick, Brian D. Carlstrom, David Sehr
Stanford Computer Systems Laboratory
Stanford, CA
Research Assistant
Member of the Transactional Coherence and Consistency project researching hardware supported transactional memory models. Research focused on parallel programming with transactional memory. Built upon IBM's Jikes Research Virtual Machine to evaluate programming models, benchmarks, and new programming language features. Significant C++ development on our architecture simulator, including moving from PowerPC-only to include support for x86.
Selected Publications (See also full list)
Programming with Transactional Memory
Brian David Carlstrom
Doctor of Philosophy Dissertation, Stanford University, June 2008.
Transactional Collection Classes
Brian D. Carlstrom, Austen McDonald, Michael Carbin, Christos Kozyrakis, and Kunle Olukotun
ACM SIGPLAN 2007 Conference on Principles and Practice of Parallel Computing, San Jose, California, March 2007.
Executing Java programs with transactional memory
Brian D. Carlstrom, JaeWoong Chung, Hassan Chafi, Austen McDonald, Chi Cao Minh, Lance Hammond, Christos Kozyrakis, and Kunle Olukotun
Science of Computer Programming, Volume 63, Issue 2, 1 December 2006, Pages 111-129.
The Atomos Transactional Programming Language
Brian D. Carlstrom, Austen McDonald, Hassan Chafi, JaeWoong Chung, Chi Cao Minh, Christos Kozyrakis, Kunle Olukotun
ACM SIGPLAN 2006 Conference on Programming Language Design and Implementation, Ottawa, Canada, June 12, 2006.
Transactional Memory Coherence and Consistency
Lance Hammond, Vicky Wong, Mike Chen, Ben Hertzberg, Brian D. Carlstrom, John D. Davis, Manohar K. Prabhu, Honggo Wijaya, Christos Kozyrakis, Kunle Olukotun
Proceedings of the 31st Annual International Symposium on Computer Architecture, München, Germany, 19-23 June 2004.
2019 winner of the ACM SIGARCH/IEEE-CS TCCA Influential ISCA Paper Award, recognizing the paper from the ISCA Proceedings 15 years earlier that has had the most impact on the field during the intervening years.
Teaching Assistant
Winter 2007 and Winter 2008
CS315a Parallel Architecture and Programming
Sunnyvale, CA
Distinguished Engineer
Part-time advisory role during my time as a Stanford graduate student.
Buyer and Platform Technical Architect
As architect for Buyer 8.0 release was involved in content definition, planning, feature design reviews, and operational execution. Evolved development process through component ownership practices. Consulted on refactoring to create application platform, the core of new Ariba products. Drove code cleanliness projects to remove JDK 1.1 limitations and supportability issues. Worked with legal, documentation, and engineering on many third party licensing issues. Drove technical leader review process, identifying future candidates, and worked with managers on the candidate's career development.
Server Technical Lead
Led Buyer 7.0 Server team projects which involved design reviews, schedule tracking, and issue resolution. Delivered refactoring of server technologies such as object-relational mapping, RPC, and utility libraries for use by other products. Ariba Analysis was built from scratch on this platform and existing applications have begun adoption. Converted from RSA to Entrust crytography to reduce cost of goods sold, at the same time enhancing our security API. Created first unit test infrastructure and unit tests, now integrated with JUnit. Created 8.0 requirements and initial designs for database archiving and data migration. As acting manager, heavily involved in recruiting including college hiring. As acting director, coordinated office move.
Software Engineer
Member of original team that designed and implemented the Ariba Buyer product. Drove engineering closure on first product spec. Created the Approvable document architecture, the user permissions model, and a Scheme interpreter for business rules. Implemented SMTP client and server for notification. Responsible for HTTP server used for printing and attachments and later converted it to the servlet API. Created Inspector tool for runtime debugging. Created command line monitoring tools to automate operations. Removed explicit locking from object model to simplify API. Converted RPC from using a thread per client to worker queues to improve scalability. Created javadoc doclet to allow fine grain control over published API. Assisted globalization by removing deprecated JDK 1.0 APIs. Converted all production batch and shell scripts to Perl for portability. Created and maintained development web site, mailing lists, and Emacs development environment.
United States Patent US7117165B1
Operating resource management system
Norman Adams, Marc Brown, Brian Carlstrom, Brian Elkin, Paul Hegarty, Guy Haskin, Boris Putanec
Open Market
Menlo Park, CA
Software Engineer
Developer for OM-Express, a browser accelerator for Windows. Performed memory analysis prior to 1.0 release. Analyzed networking performance for various TCP/IP stacks. Reimplemented core URL technology to be RFC compliant.
General Magic
Sunnyvale, CA
Software Engineer
Developed Java Virtual Machine for Magic Cap devices. Used this VM in new implementation of MagicScript authoring language. Worked on port of the Telescript language interpreter to Win32. Ported Telescript Access Service to Windows 3.1 and Win32 to enable Visual Basic interfaces to Telescript services.
MIT Media Lab & Laboratory for Computer Science
Cambridge, MA
Undergraduate Researcher
Co-author of the open source project Scsh, the Scheme Shell. Scsh is a POSIX environment based on the Scheme dialect of the Lisp programming language. Involved in all aspects of the system including design, implementation, documentation, testing, and release. Scsh is used for CGI scripts, network applications, and general purpose shell scripts. Used Scsh to develop several applications including a mobile web browser for the Apple Newton and a web server that is extensible in Scsh and CGI.
MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
Cambridge, MA
Undergraduate Researcher
Developed sequential to parallel research compiler for the Scheme dialect of Lisp. Implemented C Language back-end for modified Gambit Scheme compiler. Implemented runtime system for workstation simulation and for execution on the Thinking Machines CM-5.
MIT Flight Transportation Laboratory
Cambridge, MA
Undergraduate Researcher
Implemented airline schedule optimizer for NASA and McDonnell-Douglas. Integrated optimizer with a graphical schedule editor and assisted in product delivery including installation and user training. Set up and administered lab of Sun and Apollo workstations.


Stanford University
Stanford, CA
Ph.D. and M.S. in Computer Science
Graduate work in programming languages and computer architecture.
Thesis on Programming with Transactional Memory.
Intel Foundation Ph.D. Fellow 2005-2007.
Stanford School of Engineering Graduate Council 2005.
Stanford Computer Science Department Student Services Award 2004-2005.
Stanford Computer Science Department Ph.D. Program Commitee 2003-2007.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, MA
M.Eng. in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, MA
S.B. in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering
Minor in Science, Technology, and Society. Undergraduate project on a P2P messaging system.


Expertise: Parallel programming including transactional memory. Advanced language implementation. Object-relational mapping. Client-server architecture. Networking protocols. Cryptography including SSL and PKI. Refactoring for reuse. Automated build systems.
Languages: Fluent: Java, Perl, C
Proficient: C++, Scheme, elisp, sh, make, SQL, HTML, CSS
Experience: Python, awk, csh, JavaScript, PHP, Visual Basic Script, Common Lisp, Pascal, Basic, assembly language (x86, MIPS, PowerPC)
Tools: Emacs, Unix shell utilities, Perforce, Subversion, CVS, Apache, IIS, ASP, LaTeX
Environments: Windows, Unix, and Mac OS experience including basic administration