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Wireless LAN Design Alternatives

David F. Bant and Frederic J. Bauchot, IBM Research

One-line summary: The best fit for IBM customer needs is a WLAN using slow FH, 2.4GHz, and TDMA.

Overview/Main Points

Customer requirements (determined by surveys):

Physical layer

IR and RF are complementary, not competing:

Radio technology

Topology and MAC

Difference between contention-based peer-to-peer and TDMA BS-to-many-MHıs schemes: Centralizing control in a BS allows Ergo, best design point is 2.4 GHz, TDMA, slow FH


A design point argument for WLANs based on fitting to customer needs. Nice tables comparing the design alternatives for each component.


Almost felt like the goals were presented in such a way as to force the conclusion; the fit is just too neat....
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