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IP-Based Protocols for Mobile Internetworking

John Ioannidis and Dan Duchamp, Columbia

One-line summary: Mobility support by tunneling and encapsulation (IPIP) and a simple MSS-to-MSS protocol (MICP). M-IP requires no changes to higher-level protocols, scales reasonably well due to small amount of state at MSS (cached and timed out), and places the burden of mobility on the MHıs and MSSıs rather than the rest of the world.

Overview/Main Points


Shows how to support mobility transparently to higher-level software by exploiting the "proxy concept" for address resolution, encaps, and routing.


Approach is advertised as scalable, but argument seems weak. Perhaps they really meant intracampus (not intercampus) scalability, since the latter requires cooperation among the campuses and makes peer MSS discovery a larger size problem. A hierarchical discovery approach might alleviate this, but seems to be outside scope of this paper.
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