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Generalized Search Trees (GiST) for Database Systems

J. M. Hellerstein, J.F. Naughton, A. Pfeffer

One-line summary: GiST's are like R-trees with virtual methods, so they can support a variety of data types (extensible); special-case optimizations can be included to increase performance with simple linear-range data.

Overview/Main Points


Unifies B-trees, R-trees, and others into a generalized extensible structure. (Shades of C++ come to mind.) Also the only publication I know to correctly use the singular "spaghetto".


Extensibility: two examples were pre-existing, third was closely related to R-trees (set indexing). A "way out" example might have been interesting. Evidently lots of work yet to be done to flesh this stuff out (as advertised in class!).
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