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Date Topic Summaries Qual answers
February 4 OS Structure & Specific OS Summary
February 11 Virtual Memory Summary
February 25 Synchronization & Communication Summary,
Non-Blocking Concurrent Objects Summary
March 3 File Systems Summary
March 10 Security Summary
March 17 Protection Summary
March 23 Extending the OS Summary
March 31 Transactions & Reliability Summary
April 14 Miscellaneous & Multiprocessors Summary
April 21 92, 93
April 28
May 5
May 12
May 19

Note that the topics cover all the papers in the mentioned section except for the following:

Online Resources
99 OS qual
Berkeley's OS Prelims page
Harvard's CS261 course page
Stanford CS240 course page
Petros Maniatis' paper summaries

Reading List

Operating System Structure

Extending the Operating System Synchronization and Communication Virtual Memory File Systems Transactions and Reliability Protection and Security Multiprocessors Miscellaneous Specific operating systems